Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was in Creede, Colorado a few summers back and came upon an odd Sterling Gaia pendant at an art gallery.  She was sitting around waiting for a chain of some type.   She was not something I liked too much.  She was not something I was looking to own.  The raw materials alone made the price too low, but it was still too high for me to buy since I thought she was a bit too odd for my liking.  I was at the gallery for well over an hour.  The Bug got an item, Sunshine Girl got an item, and I was just browsing.  I went back to her almost a dozen times.  The store owner told me his wife made her, along with most of the jewelry in the store and he was the one who made all the paintings.  It was a creaky old place, with low ceilings, uneven flooring, and a comfortable feel.  Slow talk, warm smiles, beautiful art all around.  The girls left to go sit with the Bird Man out on a sidewalk bench.  This left me to talk and talk and talk with the old man...or rather listen listen listen.  I love stories old men tell.  I could listen for weeks on end.  I have been this way since I was a little girl.  Well, you probably know how the hour ended.  I left with Odd Sterling Gaia.  Paid the full price of her.  She has been bumming around my beads ever since.  Once I started with the Sari ribbons, I knew she would find her home.  But that didn't work like I wanted it too.  So then I added beaded leaves and flowers on the sari to make it all Mother Nature's Wild Ride.  No good.  Then I showed her to Cynthia.  Some ideas were implemented.  Still, she is just a pendant.  And she is not in this post, other than in these words.  One day soon, I will show you what she looks like.

As a result of Cynthia seeing her and offering up opinions, she decided I should do a Goddess series and send me these Three Goddess pendants.

The Blue Goddess was finished a while ago and is a lariat.  The pendant was made by Chris Pellow.
The Grey Goddess and the Raku Goddess were done this week and are necklaces.  I do not know who made them and I apologize for that. (UPDATE:  in comments, Cynthia helped me and said the Grey Goddess is made by Jana of Happy Fish Things , and Raku Goddess was made by Dan and Amy Mealey of Xaz Beads .)

Maybe these Goddesses, now that they are neckworthy, will help Gaia reach a higher potential rather than floating chainlessly around my workshop.

Antiquity Traveler, I owe you a deep thanks and a big hug.  You are my favorite Goddess of all!

Blue Goddess ~

Grey Goddess ~
                          red beads and blue pearls are a gift from Liz of Bead Contagion.  Thanks Liz!

Raku Goddess ~
                          brown beads from Cynthia, blue sparkly faceted beads from Sunshine Girl.  Thanks ladies!


Honey from the Bee said...

Oh these are fun, Christine! Wouldn't it be a fun thing to do to get a group together to create our own Goddess necklace? We could use amulets and stuff we've collected that mean something to us. hmmm...

Darn, now that I'm in the comments I can't tell you which one I like the best. :-)

LisaS said...

Very interesting work with them all.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I don't know why I am always uncomfortable working with "face" components, Christine. These gals actually look very cool!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh look at all your goddess creations! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!! You so have an inner goddess - I knew you did! I just love how playful you've been with the focals and the beaded chains are fantastic! I agree with Janet - we need a goddess hop! Bring it!

ok ... so the beads. The white focal is Jana from Happy Fish, and the Raku is from a couple (I found at Bead Fest) Dan and Amy Mealey of Xaz Beads:

windrock studio said...

Very beautiful goddess vibes! and I love your story about spending time and listening to the old guys stories ... you have such a good, good heart.

Karin Slaton said...

Blue Goddess is so intriguing because I can read her facial expression so many different ways. And I love that you designed this one as a lariat - very cool bead treatment on the free end. Would love to see her in person!

Miss Val's Creations said...

The godesses are gorgeous! I love how you have worked with them. I am the same way when it comes to old people. My grandfather is 98 and still with it mentally! He was the grounds keeper for many years at MIT. He was also quite the prankster. Oh the stories!!! My grandmother is still alive at 96 but not as with it. :(

Maryanne said...

These are sooo cool! I love them all, but I have to say the first one is my favorite. Maybe because I like patinaed stuff! But, they are all so cool and I'm sure Gaia will find her place among them when she's ready!
Hope you didn't have too much trouble with all the ice this week.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
All three Goddesses are beautiful in their own right. Love the blue Goddess everything about her. The earrings on the gray Goddess are wild love them. The Raku Goddess I love the way you brought the beaded chain across the top of her head making it look like her hair. Wonderful job on all three.
PS. The Goddess blog hop sounds like a wonderful idea.

Liz said...

5 inches of new snow here with white everywhere and then *boom* I check your blog. Eye candy - hello! Not only did you do an amazing job channeling your inner goddess (all three are marvelous!!!) but you also took the most perfect photographs. The colors just captivated me. I soaked them up and found myself smiling. Playful raku goddess says you have to show us sterling gaia soon. Spring might be just the perfect time for her reveal.

Bobbie said...

Every goddess needs a few friends to hang around with her -- looks like you've created a wonderful cadre for yourself there!

Gloria said...

I could picture that shop and the atmosphere- what a great memory to share... Being able to stop and listen is a blessing to both.

Your beading fits those pendants perfectly, the lariat is a looker, they are all gorgeous pieces.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love this story! And those Goddess faces! I can't wait to see the mystery Goddess.

Pieces like that are so special. I have a battered up Goddess that sits on my altar. She's my thing I'd save in a fire. Found her in an antique shop in Vegas. She costs exactly what I had in my bank account at the time. I think I carried her to the register three or four times, knowing she was really too worn out to be worth the price, but also knowing I couldn't go home without her. Even if it meant I scraped by with no money for the next 10 days.

Twenty plus years later, I'm still so happy to be in her presence.


Beautiful work! So mysterious and antique-y :)