Thursday, June 30, 2016

And Just Like That, The Last of June

So much time has gone by, and no beads ~ no weaving, stringing, new purchases ~ to show for it.
It is ok.  I am at a place of acceptance and understanding with this drought.  I know why it came, I know when it will go.  I miss the beads, but they are quietly waiting for my return.  No guilt or pressure from them.

This past year has been unusually booked solid for my family.  And since I am not a multi-tasker, the beads had to be set aside so I could focus on all the big things that came our way.  It has been all good things, but just a lot.  I am bursting with want and need to bead so at the moment, I am content just knowing I WANT to do it.  I carry my beads with me everywhere.  They haven't been opened in so long.  But having them by my side is good enough for now.

We were recently in Acadia National Park.  The senses were filled, the mind was calmed, and there were Textures all around!  I always gravitate to nature for inspiration and replenishing.  But it is curious to me that two of my favorite photos from the trip were built by human hands, as was one of my favorite photos from a trip to Nashville in March.

Carriage House in Acadia National Park.  The mix of details, lines, textures excites me! 

The Underside of a Carriage Road Cobble Stone Bridge, Acadia National Park.  I mean, look at those Rocks!!!

John Steigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, with a ghost-like presence of the "Batman" building that looms high in the skyline.  Those metallic lines against that blue Tennessee sky! 

There is a collective halt in blogging lately.  I am curious if you are all still being creative or if that has temporarily halted too?  Thanks for reading, thanks for being a part of this little community.  And if I haven't visited your blog in a while, that will change soon.  I miss you all!