Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rocks Off On Hump Day

Sporadic posting here on the Blog.  I do have a couple of Beaders I have wanted to feature since Late Spring/Early Summer, but I cannot seem to clear my mind enough to write the post they both deserve.  I was stressing about this until I came to the conclusion that everything has a season.  And my heavy blogging season is Late Fall, Winter, Winter, Winter, Early Spring, Winter, Winter, Early Spring.  

In the meantime...ROCKS!

Lake Michigan...that Lake really does have the best rocks!!!)

Lake Michigan...beads were a bitch to photograph ~ metallic dark blue AB charlottes.  The rock is smoooooooth.

Lake Michigan...had to keep the bezel area exposed so that strip of pink on the rock could be seen.

Lake Michigan...the chain on this was really cool but impossible to is all teardrops that are clear AB with a Touch of Grey.  I also threw in a few fish beads for fun.  These bugles were hard to photograph too!  But at least with the bugles, you get the idea.  The teardrops just were a blurry blobby nightmare.