Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rocks Off On Hump Day

It has been awhile since I got my Rocks Off ~

Here is a dainty little necklace I just finished in time for today.  I snapped a quickie before my day gets ahead of me and I never get this posted.  I need to get back to my real camera for blog photos.  It will never be my strong point, but I can give a little more than the cell phone photos.

Side 1 ~ Seed Beads, Delicas, Gram's button, Lake Michigan Rock

And the flip side, which I think I like better.

I had no intention of doing a rock today.  I was just messing around with beaded chain ideas.  I got about an inch into this chain and thought it would made a good base of a bezel.  I grabbed a rock, wrapped the little piece of beaded chain around it and I was right!  It is pretty much a square stitch chain and has enough give for cabs/rocks that are not perfectly round/oval.  I will certainly use it again.  Maybe I'll be back next Wednesday ~ sure hope so!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

UnFinished Objects Blog Hop

I was looking forward to this Hop, for so many reasons ~
   : I haven't participated in a Hop in 14 months
   : it would bring me back to my blog and to other people's blogs
   : it is a Karen Williams Hop
   : I thought I had SO many UFOs...but it turns out, I had a drawer and a few boxes full of botched stitch              samples OR a pile of pieces that only needed clasps.  There were a few actual UFOs and some were                 finally finished and some are next up on the beading table.

So here I am, the day before the Hop, trying to get my crap together with photos.  My daughter and I have whatever crud is knocking people out of commission lately and the 2" of snow that was predicted for today turned into 10".  I did not venture out into the workshop to adorn Fleur with necklaces to photograph them.  Instead, I dragged my sick butt into the window seat and took pictures on the backside of a game board.  Sorry about that, but it was all I could muster.  I did manage to take a selfie because that one necklace really did need a real neck to display it.  That was the only moment I felt human today.

First Up, cabs sent to me from Jasvanti ~ the incarnations they went through, what they finally became :

The left photo is from last March...a bracelet that seemed good in my head, not so good in execution.  It sat on the bead table for several months, was cut apart and turned into earrings.  The earrings were a total bust.  Then I made what you see on the right ~ a beaded chain, some beaded cabs, a pretty component that is either a shoe clip or scarf clip.   It sat in a box for months...until Karen put out the call to F our Os.

To finish it, I made more of the square stitch chain with delicas and size 15 rounds, added a lot of garnets and clipped that clip right in the center.  Check out the photo below ~ I found that interesting.

The next project was one Cynthia and I started and I never finished.  I asked her to teach me how to better fringe.  She gave me this gorgeous leather round with a compass stamp on it and the teardrops on the ends.  All it needed was a chain and I couldn't fully commit to what kind it would be.  The UFO Hop pushed me to finish a chain idea I had.  These crystal rondelles were the right color and size but I wanted them to seem like an old dug up treasure.  So I dulled their shine by filing off a lot of the finish.  Voila! I LOVE THIS NECKLACE and will photograph it again when I can easily and happily get to the workshop and hang it on Fleur.  It deserves a better showing.  I thought about another selfie, but that would have required a bra.  Sickness = NO BRA.  Not even for jewelry display.

Next up : beaded chenille stitch beads.  They have been sitting in an Altoid can for a couple years or more.

For the one on the left, I added matte hematite and garnet beads.  The one on the right got chunky glass beads.  They both got my Gram's buttons.  

Two or so years ago, Cynthia helped me practice bead embroidery around a cab...not my favorite thing to do.  This cab sat in a tin box for the two years.

 Last week, I beaded a garnet and picasso bead chain for it and made a peyote panel to sew it onto.  I finished it off with Gram's button.  I am pleased with this little sweetie!

I am going to stop now.  And take a nap.

Thanks for the push to clear out some projects, Karen...we needed it!

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