Friday, August 31, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

My first week back to beading after taking the summer off!  Feels good!  Feels real good!!!  

Ruby was glad I was beading again too :-D

Do you ever go on hiatus?  Do you miss it when you are not doing it?  (whatever "it" is for you) Or are you glad for the break?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

There has been a long silence from One Kiss Creations this summer.  Internet silence only.  I apologize for not being very present and commenting on all your blogs this summer.  I check out for these summer months, only occasionally dropping by to say hello.   It is all I can do to keep up with the family, so I say Goodbye to my friends in June and Hello again as we inch toward September.  It is just the cycle I have always had since I came into this world.  Each summer I swear I will call my friends and see them and that I will break the pattern I have kept for almost 44 years...but I don't.  

I didn't use my camera much at all this summer.  So The Bug graciously offered up her photos...she took most of them and Sunshine Girl took a few too.  A lot of the photos of The Bug were taken by The Bug herself.  Notice the theme of the pictures.  More on that later. 

First a classic picture of the Bird Man...what a sexxxy devil :-) 

My Sunshine Girl

The Bug...Notice how she is balancing the fish in her shoulder as she takes her own picture.  All summer long :-) 

The Bug and Me.  A fish we shared.  She got caught on the bottom and let her pole sit for a while.  I came along to see if it got itself unstuck.  It did.  And this fish was on the end of it!  Good cleavage in this photo :-D

Ruby enjoying the view.  Hmmm...where is her fish?!? 

Theme of the summer...The Bug Kissing EVERY fish she caught. 

(like the pink camo nails?)

The current fish count for The Bug alone this summer is 64.  She has pictures of every single one of them.  And she kissed every one too. 

One final picture :-)