Thursday, September 29, 2011


A Very Big Thank You to all the kind people who visited my blog and left lovely comments during the Bead Soup Blog Hop! The response was a good way :-) Thank You Thank You!!!

My Round and Round Earrings are in this YouTube Video :-)

Lori Anderson
has a necklace in the video too!


I made a Facebook Announcement a couple weeks back that once I hit 40 followers on the blog and 70 followers on Facebook, I would have a giveaway on each site. Since the blog hit its number first, the giveaway will be here first.
I will give away a pair of earrings in the same style as the ones in the YouTube video (soon to be in Bead Trends!). Only the color will be different.

Here's how to win:

Be a follower, Post a comment, and Tell me what Colors you like.
Keepin' it simple :-)

I wish I was computer literate to put the actual video in the post, but I am not. Maybe someday.
In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my Sunday :-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

The day is finally here!!! My fabulous and inspiring and hilarious partner Amy at Copper Diem sent me the greatest stash! She did not know it, but I have had an obsession with Vincent van Gogh since before I could talk. When I opened the package she sent me, all I saw was van Gogh, van Gogh, van Gogh! I think I may have shrieked. And I know I did a happy dance! All I added to the stash was 6 Swarovski crystals and the size 15/0 orange Miyuki seed beads.
The earrings were something fun and entirely unplanned. Both my daughter and I think they look like the banana plant that was once in her fish bowl.

Hop on over to Copper Diem and see what Amy made with the stash I sent her!

And after that, go see Lori Anderson at Pretty Things, the organizer of this fantastic event! See what she made and check out the entire list of 362 participants in this Bead Soup Blog Hop!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michigan Rocks!!!

The First Michigan Rock is making her debut! So many of the rocks I collected there this summer were too small to drill. I collected them anyway. And whipped out the E6000, fried my brain, and made this little beauty. She was the first to be made and the first to be strung. Some E6000 oozed out from under the center rocks, so for the other ones I made that day, I used far less of the stuff and it all stayed underneath where it should be. When it dried, I could still see some of it on this first one, but I don't care. I love this one and her colors and that she was my first. Imperfect and lovely.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Lovin'

I tell them every chance I get :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain Rain Clouds the Brain

I feel thick and dumb and tired with all this rain. And entirely unmotivated to run my errands (who wants to be out in this relentless wetness?!) or get my haircut. And I am a month overdue in getting it cut. My hair grows up, not down. I currently look like Don King's twin sister. The kids don't want to be seen with me. They come home every day and say "You STILL didn't get your haircut?!" I tell them the beads don't mind my hair. They tell me to not to make excuses. I tell them I am going to start teasing it out and see how big I can get it. They remind me Back-to-School night is next week and they URGE me to not meet their teachers looking like THIS. I am kind of enjoying watching them squirm. How high can I take it?

So while I am avoiding the hairdresser and the bank and the grocery store and the liquor store, I am not doing nothing. I am beading. And listening to music. Daniel Lanois helped draw this one out of me.

Who do you listen to when you create?