Thursday, June 13, 2019

Four Days Shy of Three Years

Things were not looking good for the zigzag this morning.  So I took a couple quick photos just in case it was its last day on my wrist. I realize a very tiny few of you know what I am talking about.  And that those few might not even be reading this.  But I had to post anyway.

I used C-Lon thread to stitch this bracelet on my wrist almost 3 years ago...June 17, 2016. I hoped it would last a week-long vacation in Maine.  I am in awe of what all this bracelet has been through and all it has endured.

Water alone seemed enough to do it in ~ salt water, lake water, chlorinated water, shower water, dish water, and anyone who knows me even a tiny bit knows how I obsessively wash my hands.  

And as I was getting dressed today, I heard a "kshhh" as something hit the floor.  It was my bracelet.  Four days shy of 3 years.  Four days shy of THREE YEARS.  I am going to miss it.  I will probably think it is still on my wrist for weeks to come.  The phantom zigzag.  I am going to miss people telling me how much they love it ~ the only thing that was greater than my shock of its longevity was my shock of how many people (friends, acquaintances, strangers) told me they liked my bracelet in its simplicity and understated colors...they would ask to touch it...and found it amusing I stitched it directly on my wrist. 
What really surprised me was that I knew the moment it left my wrist.  I always thought that it would come off  suddenly in a lake or during another dorm move and I would notice hours later and never see it again.  But it was gradual over the past week.  I could see the end nearing.  And the end was right here at home...where it began.