Saturday, September 26, 2015

Creative Continuum ~ September

The Creative Continuum is here once again, as we celebrate Fall :

Alicia ~ April

Therese ~ May

Sally ~ June

Monique ~ August

Cynthia ~ September

Emma ~ October

Me ~ November

Or as Cynthia's photo inspiration is titled, "Indian Summer"  :

I don't know if a day can get any more beautiful than this!  

Here is my interpretation of Cynthia's photo:

Red Picasso beads, gold hex cut beads, rock-looking Czech beads

Lake Michigan Rock

Fleur got a little angry that I covered up her paint for the first few photos

Clearly, I ignored the color pallet and went with the vibe of the photo.  

The weaving is Random Right Angle Weave, which I learned a while back from Karen William's wonderful Lacework Bracelet Pattern tutorial.  I cannot say enough good things about this tutorial and the stitch itself ~  Do check it out! Random RAW is the perfect support for this triangle rock. 

Please check out the above links to the other participants in these small monthly hops.  

Thanks for providing such and inspiring photo, Cynthia! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rocks Off On Hump Day

There are a few other posts I have been wanting to get to, but in the meantime...

Lake Michigan Rock

In person, there are shiny flecks on the the dark part of the rock and little pink veining too.

The flecks are slightly visible in this photo of the backside.

The bezel is a circle of RAW, then peyote, in white, grey, pink.

I do love Rocks!