Friday, June 17, 2011

Golden Moments

I am a bit overwhelmed with jewelry that has to get done by Wednesday and some family matters I have to attend to by that day as family matters, but it starts out as work nonetheless. I am having an extremely difficult time focusing and feel scattered. Then there is the phone. Which won't stop ringing. I have tried to pinpoint the time in my life when when I went from joyously leaping for the phone to cringing when it rings (and it has nothing to do with the caller). I think it was around the birth of my second daughter. I am not a multitasker, so when I have to do more than one thing at a time, I get rattled. I always pull it together, always get the job done, always breath a sigh of great relief, always enjoy the after-moment. I let my head wander when I am stressed, to my happy always involves water. My go-to place is the cove on my parents lake. When I get my new camera, I will show you. I can never go in the cove without thinking I will see Kermit on a log, playing banjo. I am genuinely a tad disappointed when I don't see him. My other happy place has always been Colorado. It wasn't until last summer that I knew exactly where in Colorado. It only took me from when I was 3 years old to figure it out...I take my time :-) Creede, Mineral County, Colorado. Rio Grande winding through the region. Rich Dark Western History in the old mining area. Nothing but Beauty. The town has a fabulous Repertory Theatre, art galleries, a true treasure of a place. It is the only town in the whole county. A perfect place for someone who gets crippled by indecision. My other happy place. I go there often in my mind. I am drawing from it right now. I go back to this image in particular~the Bird Man, my Bug, and my Sunshine Girl, enjoying what the Rio has to offer before the rain comes. A warm, refreshing, cleansing rain.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Global Esty Craft Party

Hello Hello!

Busy weeks around here. Great Arts on Fire Festival this past weekend with Sally Russick of Wireworked. School year wrapping up, summer schedules to negotiate, jewelry to be made. So as soon as I start a Blog, I seem to have neglected it. I need to get through the next few weeks then I can devote more time to updating jewelry posts, etsy posts, food posts, crazy Mama posts. And when I get my new camera, I will have some pretty sweet pictures to post of the veggie garden, jewelry, pets, nature, kids, the Bird Man. In the meantime, I cannot take a picture of the latest news here: a Carolina Wren has built a nest in our boat and the eggs have hatched. So the Bird Man is beside himself that we cannot use the boat until the babies fly off. And the boat that the nest is in is leaning up against the dog kennel that belongs to our English Pointer, Ruby...ya know, the bird dog! I keep reminding him that we have kayaks and we don't need that old fishing boat to have a good time...just a little arm strength and good balance.

I am off to sweat my yaya off in Hot Yoga. But I will leave you with the latest show info:

This Friday from 6-9pm, there is an Etsy Craft Party at New Visions Studio and Gallery at 201 Vine Street, Scranton. All kinds of handmade goodies will be available to purchase, so come on down, say hello, see what the vendors have been making and enjoy the Gallery!

Namaste everyone!!!