Monday, May 7, 2012

!!! Blog Hop Announcement !!!

Good Morning Everyone! I am getting a late start this morning after a non-stop weekend but now I am here and ready to give my all. So let's get right to it~
Therese from Therese's Treasures and I are co-hosting a Blog Hop called "A Time to Stitch". We are asking that you make a project using either Peyote or Herringbone stitch. That is it! Therese and I are both beadweavers and we have not seen any blog hops that were geared toward just weaving, so that brought us to today.
If you are an experienced weaver and want to sign up, we want you!  If you are just getting started and need the push to get some more practice, we want you!  If you have never done it before and want to try your hand at it, we want you!  You can submit a completed project or sample swatches showing what you learned as you got to know the stitches.

Here are a few samples of Peyote Stitch and some links to helpful tutorials:

     ~my bracelet using flat, even count Peyote and tubular Peyote

    ~Therese's bracelet using 2-drop Peyote

   ~Therese's necklace using Cellini Spiral, a variation on tubular Peyote

 ~Peyote Turotial on you-tube
 ~written Peyote Turotial

And here are some Herringbone samples and tutorial links:

  ~my Herringbone (hint: using bugles makes the work go real fast :-) )

  ~Therese's Herringbone bracelet

  ~another of my Herringbone bracelets

  ~Herringbone Tutorial on you-tube
 ~written tutorial for Herringbone

Sign ups for A Time to Stitch Challenge and Blog Hop start today and go through Saturday May 12th.  The Hop itself will be on Tuesday, June 12th.  We are taking 30 participants and encourage you to e-mail us with any questions you might have regarding these stitches.  Between the two of us we should be able to answer most questions :-)
  ~my e-mail is:
   ~Therese's e-mail is:

Please leave your name and e-mail address and blog address on either my blog or Therese's blog when you sign up.

And now it is Time to Stitch!

   ~feel free to put this badge on your doesn't link to anywhere, but it will act as a reminder :-)  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Of Friendship and Blogs

C'est Moi :-D wearing an absolutely gorgeous necklace made by Erin at Elysian Studios. She made this for The Colors of Spring Blog Hop Hosted by Sally at The Studio Sublime. Sally also enameled all the beads for the Hop (check out Sally's Hop tomorrow called One Crayon Color Challenge. I couldn't sign up for it, but I can't wait to cruise all the sites on Monday over coffee). But back to the necklace and to Erin. Erin took Sally's beads and strung them with her own bright and beautiful polymer beads from her handmade Gypsy Trade Beads line. Then she continued the necklace with micro-macrame and seed beads and finished it off with a pretty handmade hook clasp that has another gypsy trade bead on it. Just stunning! There were two necklaces in that particular Hop that I wanted~that I quite literally drooled over. And this was one of them. So to have this gently and comfortably draped around my neck is a little dream come true :-) Erin's jewelry, handmade components, and paintings are something special and something beautiful and something you should go over and see. She has been such a positive influence in my life since we met in the blogging world. She is a friend and confidant and someone I can bounce ideas off of and rant to when I am frustrated, someone I can share stories with, laugh with, text when I am tipsy or just plain happy. Her being in my life has forced me to re-examine how I get work done and how I procrastinate and how to better utilize my time. And it has made me think differently about friendship. A couple years ago, I never would believe I could literally be friends with people I only knew from the internet. The people I mention in this post have become friends. I look forward to posts and comments and facebook updates and e-mails and texts from them. And miss them on the days when life is too hectic and there is silence out here in cyberspace.

A big shout out to Susan over at Windrock Studio(go over and look at her leather bags, mudhuts, fabric frames, and her husband's much talent and so much to love at Windrock!)...She has been wanting so see my grey hair. Hair it is. A bad hair day...High Humidity. I started out the day looking like the love child of Don King and the Heat Miser. It took a lot of mousse to get it tamed. But the Grey remains...always :-)

On a final note before I am out of here and caught up in the crazy chaos this weekend promises to bring~Therese from Therese's Treasures and I will be announcing a Blog Hop on Monday. I was very honored and surprised that Therese asked me to co-host the Hop with her. She is someone who I have gravitated toward since the moment we found each other out here. Just go over and take a look at her jewelry! Her execution is beautiful and her talent shines through in everything she makes. And she stays on task. I admire that. I think I have bead ADD and I look to disciplined people and wonder "HOW?!?" I want that focus! So Monday, please tune in to Therese's Blog or mine and we will give details for the Hop we are Co-Hosting.

Oh, one more final note (can you tell I am the reigning Queen of long goodbyes?!)...all these friendships and goodies and connections were made possible because Sally pushed and pushed and pushed me to start a Blog. I resisted for a year before I finally gave in. I am glad I allowed myself to jump on this ride. Thanks to all you ladies :-) Love you!!!