Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting My Rocks Off on Hump Day

I skipped Sari Monday this week and am also skipping Thursday's Thing* tomorrow, so I thought I would slip a little something in today.

These are some of the rocks I got at the Jersey Shore last month.

 The first one is called Manhattan Schist.  I am told that "they are known for their presence of visible flaky or tabular minerals aligned in a cleavage.  Rich in Micas"  (Thank you, my dear friend, for that info :-D  They didn't teach us that at GIA.  And Thank You for the shore getaway :-D ).  I used Erin Fickert-Rowland's Gypsy Trade Beads in this necklace.  Love them so much!
I also put Swarovski bicones and steel colored seed beads on Fireline to complete the chain.
It was VERY hard to photograph this one, but trust me, This Rock Shines!  

I E-6000ed the black rock onto the grey and used Beadalon and Peanut Beads for the simple chain.

More E-6000 on the orange and white rocks.  Grey/brown matte seed beads and frosted white peanut beads on Fireline for the chain.

All simple stringing...just letting the Rocks be the Stars...and those Beautiful Gypsy Trade Beads!

Thanks to JWM and to Erin for making these necklaces possible :-D

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday's Thing*

Pass the Pigs.

This roll is worth 10 points.  But for me, it isn't about the winning (the first to get to 100), it is about the cuteness of the pigs and us cheering for them.  And the mindlessness of the game.  And how well they travel. When we hit the road, we bring the pigs, Yahtzee dice, and cards.
Funny, when we traveled in my Corolla, we packed it to the top.  When we traveled in my Explorer, we packed it to the top and beyond.  When we travel with my CRV, we pack it to the top.  When we travel with the BirdMan's truck, we fill the whole flatbed to the top of the cap.  And above the cap.  Whatever space we have, we fill.  I am sure if I got a Corolla again, we would pack it to the top, but we would be packing  less than if we took the truck.  Our ability to acclimate is what I like best about these people :-)

What mindless games do you play?
What games do you travel with?

*Appreciate what you have.  Want for less...unless it is beads or music.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reclaimed Sari Ribbon and Jersey Sea Glass


I always think we should embrace this word more often in life.

I kept it real simple with this one: Reclaimed Sari Ribbon from Darn Good Yarn.  Sea Glass from the Jersey Shore, not from my piddly stash I tried to collect last month, but as a gift from Cynthia over at Antiquity Travelers.  And a couple wooden beads tied onto the ends.

The glass has the perfect subtle curve to it that makes it rest comfortably on the wrist.


Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hope we all have a great week!!!

Reclaimed Sari Ribbon used in these Posts:
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Time To Stitch 3 Blog Hop is FINALLY Here!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Therese and I are so happy to do another Stitch Hop.  This time, it was a choice of at least on of the following spirals~Cellini, Russian, or African Helix~and one of the following flats~brick, ladder, square.

It was a tough hop for me, as 3 of those 6 stitches are brand new to me.
But I stuck with it and did pretty darn ok with them.

Thanks for being here and for taking the time to look at my work and the work of all the other Hoppers listed at the end of this post.  And a big thanks to those that signed up to participate in this one!

Ladder Stitch:

Reclaimed Sari Ribbon, compliments of Darn Good Yarn.

Cellini Spiral:

I favor bracelets, and was sure this was going to become one.  But WOW~is Cellini stiff!  So I used it as a necklace segment instead.

My first time doing Cellini.


I went back to an old favorite pattern of mine with square stitch.  I call it the Gallery Bracelet.  It is the first class I ever taught.  I originally used Swarovski cubes in my Gallery Bracelets.  But when I was at a bead show with Cynthia and saw these beautiful carnelians, I knew I needed to go back to this pattern and replace the crystals with carnelian.  I couldn't be happier with the look of the new and improved Gallery Bracelet!  

Russian Spiral:

My First Russian Spiral!  Normally, I have very tight tension when I beadweave.  This is really loose.  I am not sure if that is normal for Russian Spiral, or if I was just really relaxed when I made it.  It is really comfortable on my wrist.  

Brick Stitch:
 Cynthia and I worked on these when we got together to bead a couple months back.  Check out hers here!  It is brick and ladder.  I put labradorite donuts on mine.  I made this design a while back but never got to teach it.  I was thrilled to finally get that chance with Cynthia.  She took to it superfast.

This one is a brick stitch with a pearl in  the center, anchored with the Reclaimed Sari Ribbon from Darn Good Yarn.  I like the Preppy/Bohemian split personality of this one.  

Brick with 12mm twisted bugles.

 Brick around a peacock pearl.  The chain is 2-hole tiles.

Africal Helix: (the Grande Finale)

  A List and Links to the other Stitchers:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Reclaimed Sari Ribbon and Handmade Polymer Beads

A few weeks back, I won a giveaway at  Carefree Jewelry by Lisa.    Thanks Lisa!    Click here to read about how this giveaway came to be, and links to where you can find other pieces similar to this brooch, which was handmade by women in Africa.  Lisa won the brooch, made the polymer beads herself to make the lariat, then hosted her own giveaway to pass along the brooch, lariat and extra polymer beads.  

I took some of Lisa's polymer beads and paired them with  polymer beads I got from Erin of Elysian Studios .  These teal Gypsy Trade Beads can be found at Elysian Art A La Carte.   

Then I added a little bit of  the beautiful Reclaimed Sari Ribbon I was gifted by Nicole of Darn Good Yarn .

And here is what I made for another Sari Monday :-) 

To see what I made with the Sari ribbon the other weeks, click on the links below.  

Thanks Lisa, Nicole, and Erin!
And thanks to you for stopping by :-)  Have a great week! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning Smile

I left the buttter and the eggs out last night so I could bake today.
The BirdMan left the house much earlier that usual.  I came down to get the kids ready for school and found this. I Love that BirdieMan :-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday's Thing*

The Sunshine Girl puts more Heart into her rendition of "Linus and Lucy" than any other cover tune she plays  :-D

*Appreciate what you have.  Want for less...unless it is beads or music.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reclaimed Sari Ribbon Denim Cuff

This was new territory for me all around.  No needles, all knots, recycled ribbon, recycled denim belt, recycled button, metal beads.  I wanted to make this with nothing but my hands as tools.  I almost achieved that goal.  I only used a seam ripper and scissors.

This Reclaimed Sari Ribbon was given to me by Nicole of Darn Good Yarn.  I am using it in a series of Monday Posts.  The First Three posts can be found #1Here, #2Here, and  #3Here.
The more I use the ribbon, the more I see different ways I can use it.  And it just feels so darn good in my hands :-)  It is going to makes its way into at least one upcoming Hop...cannot wait to show those pieces!  Thus far, I have managed to not use any rocks with the ribbon!  So much Growth ;-)

Thanks Nicole!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hats Off Challenge

A huge Thank You to the funny lady herself, Bobbie of Beadsong Jewelry!  She is one of the biggest pleasures in my blogging life.  Her words make me laugh and her creations make me drool, often at the same time :-)

I was so excited about this hop, sketched out a few ideas, and zoned in on this hat for inspiration.

Here's what happened:

Clearly, I wasn't channeling sophistication with these earrings.  I shutter to think about what I WAS channeling.

So, after 2 days of struggling, I switched hats.

As you can see, after 3 hours of trying, I was not going anywhere with the pins I was striving to make:

I woke up the next day and these came into being:

I wonder what Vincent is thinking about that accessory on his hat?  

Thanks for being here.  
And another big THANK YOU to Bobbie for letting us do our thing with the inspiration she provided for us. 
Please go visit the other participants in this hop.  
Enjoy Derby Day, everyone! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thursday's Thing* ... a Day Late

I thought yesterday was Wednesday.  I am a bit behind.  I didn't realize today was not Thursday until right now.  SO...Thursday's Thing* ... A Day Late will feature my second favorite dessert recipe.  And feel free to share a quick favorite of your own :-)

Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake

in an pie plate or springform pan, make a graham cracker crust according to the recipe on the box and put it in the freezer while you mix the rest of the ingredients.

2  8oz pkgs cream cheese
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
2/3 c fresh squeezed (when possible) lemon pits :-)

mix them all until creamy, pour in pie plate/pan and refrigerate over night.  so creamy and lemony and good.

*Appreciate what you have.  Want for less...unless it is beads or music.