Monday, June 18, 2018


This post is not much different looking than my last post from ONE YEAR AGO.  Yes, thanks to my full embracement of Instagram, I no longer blog.  I swear to certain people that I have not given up on blogging (You know who You are), but the dates prove otherwise.  Will I return?  Does it matter to anyone since most of us are connected on Instagram and Facebook?  Je ne sais pas.

But that is not what this post is about.  The post is about my simple zig zag seed bead C-Lon thread bracelet that I wove onto my wrist 2 YEARS AGO YESTERDAY!  I cannot believe the staying power of this little sweetie.  Sun, shower, soap, gloves, sleeves, lake water, salt water, chlorine, moving The Bug in and out of dorms several times ~ the abuse this thing has seen!  And still it holds on.

And it brought me back to my blog a year later.  And I am sure it will bring me back when it meets its end or when it celebrates three years.  And maybe I will come back in between.  Or maybe I won't.  But just in case I don't, you can always find me at :