Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{Rolling Blog Hop Challenge} Janet of Honey from the Bee {The First of 13 Participants}

A short while back, I asked some creative and inspiring women if they would like to participate in a loose kind of blog hop.  Instead of everyone posting on the same day, we will post as we get our projects done, with an end of November deadline.  I send them each a package containing vintage wooden spools like you see on the upper left of the blog (badge compliments of Hope's wonderful photography and Janet's tweaking...thanks ladies~it looks great!).  I found them while antiquing in NJ.

Today, Janet of Honey from the Bee kicks off the Rolling Hop!  
And here is what she made with her spools (to see more images of her spool creation, please click on her highlighted name):

(photo from Honey from the Bee blog page)

When you go to her page, you will see the several ways this Beauty can be worn.  It is gorgeous~with a silver rosebud charm, mother-of-pearl buttons, and an incredibly beautiful lampwork bead made inside a bobbin!  How did Janet have that perfectly complimentary bead to go with this project?!  The magic of the Hive.....always having the right ingredient :-)  

Janet's blog is one of the first blogs I started following when I began this cyberjourney.  She has become a good friend and someone I look forward to hearing from every day, whether it be here, in an e-mail, in my regular roadside mailbox, a "like" or a longer comment on Facebook.  Her blog shows her jewelry, talks of environmental issues, is full of photos of all the nature that surrounds her, is a lovely travelogue, and showcases some of her fiber creations.  Her heart is big, her generosity flows,  and I am honored to call her Friend and wear a few of her creations.  Her style is conscious~it is beauty~it is art~it is history~it overflows with nature~it is all her own.   Time to show you a bit more of what she does!  These are a small sample of items seen in her Etsy shop, but go see some more for yourself:

Janet etched these bullet cases and added vintage flower beads.
The look is striking and lovely.  

(photo from Honey from the Bee Etsy Page)

The fiber!  The ceramic drops!  The metal!  The bright Sunny colors!  

(photo from Honey from the Bee Etsy Page)

 Pine Cone Brooch ~  Oh Yeah!  

Nature is a common thread in Janet's blog posts and in her jewelry.  She is so so good at letting that inspiration take over.  

(photo from Honey from the Bee Etsy Page)

Stone setting, silver work, wire work, beadweaving...Janet does it all :-) 

(photo from Honey from the Bee Etsy page)

 Don't be a Bully.  

Words do hurt, as do sticks and stones. They can wound us for life.  This is a good reminder to watch what we say and try to be more positive to those around us and also to ourselves.  

(photo from Honey from the Bee Etsy page)

Please take a few more minutes to explore Janet's work and words further.  She is well worth your time!

Thank you Janet, for your kindness, your friendship, your generosity, and your willingness. 
And for getting this party started!  


Miss Val's Creations said...

What a beautiful dedication to Janet! Here work is wonderful. I love what she has done with the spool as well as the bullet casings. I regret not grabbing a bunch of casing when I went to the shooting range. The ground was covered with the pieces that we can do so much with!

Honey from the Bee said...

Wow... Christine, you know what you mean to me - friends always. You've also introduced me to some other amazing and kind people who happen to make jewelry. That's the best part of the internet don't you think? Sifting through the rubble you find gems. Thank you for such a thoughtful and glowing report of my jewelry. Life's journey took me here, but I never saw it coming.

AntiquityTravelers said...

what a wonderful post Christine! and on such an amazing artist - Janet! 2 of my favorite people out here in cyberspace :)

.... and that spool design is divine! I love everything about it - a truly inventive beadist (ha! had to do it)!

Karin Slaton said...

This was my first visit to Janet's blog and shop - I love her sense of creative exploration! That's one of the nicest things about these hops - getting to know new artists and make new friends!

Liz said...

What a great way to start things rolling. I absolutely love to 'discover' new blogs like Honey from the Bee. Thanks Christine! The spool turned out beautifully too. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with :-)

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I saw this on herblog today..AMAZiING! Whwn you posted these spools, I was dumbfounded..I love it! A true artist is one who can find the uniqueness in everday items and turn them into something fabulous!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
I love what Janet created with one of her spools it is very pretty and a versatile piece to wear. I like that you show other pieces she has created, it shows off her talents as a jewelry designer. You are a wonderful host and I can not wait to see what the others have created with the spools and other goodies you sent out.

CraftyHope said...

You've done such an awesome job highlighting how great Janet is as well as her beautiful work! Such a touching post. I like that the hop is a little spaced out so we can spend a little time with each of the designers you picked. So far, I'm super inspired and we haven't even made it past Janet yet! ;)

LisaS said...

Such beautiful work! And what creative use of an old spool...just amazingly sweet and delicate project. I love it ;)