Tuesday, March 26, 2013

She Made~She Made, March Edition

Therese and I are at it again :-)  Each month, I have thoroughly enjoyed "She Made~She Made", even when my my mind is a blank about how to use the beads.  This month, it was my pick.  I chose really beautiful components made by Lesley Watt and some lava beads. I knew I would find a use for the components.  I had NO IDEA I was going to use the lava beads with them!  But that is how the beads rolled.  Quite a surprise! 

First, I made these earrings.  Cynthia worked with me a bit on my wire wrapping recently, and while there is a touch of wonk going on, they have a great vibe!  The Bug snatched these up and put them on and declared BiG LoVe for them.  So I know somebody likes them :-) 

(Lesley Watt components, lava beads, red brass wire)

Next, I made a necklace with another Lesley Watt component and more lava beads.  I got some gorgeous twisted bugles recently that have an antique brass look to them.  I used them and some matte black seed beads.  I really like how this necklace turned out.  Initially, I was going to fill each triangle with a lava bead, but opted to let them remain open.  It turned out better that way. 

Next, I dug into my supplies and rediscovered a lava bead my brother gave me.  I began working on this the night he gave it to me, ran into trouble and saved it for another time.  This was the time.  I might re-work it yet again, but here it is for now.  I decided to fill those lava holes with size 15 seed beads and picasso 3 cut rounds. 

(and here is a photo of the backside that I didn't realize was blurry but I am not taking another one [editor's choice] )

And for my final She~She March Act...I really wanted to bead around the lava.  So...I did :-)  

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at what Therese and I make on our She Made~She Made Challenges.  I don't want to wish my stash away, but I really do look forward to running out.  Then I know it will be time to see Therese again :-D

Now go outside and build a snowman.  It is Springtime!  Enjoy it! 


LisaS said...

Seems like winter is hanging on in the mid US and north... its been beautifully sunny and warm in AZ -though give it another month and the temps will be waaay up!

Love your work with the lava beads, nice wire wrap with those earrings and the beadwork necklace is so unique and very beautiful ;)

Gloria said...

Ooooh, like your earrings and the vibrant necklace. Like them all ♥
I like that you decided to leave it openwork, too.

You can have the snow, only one more fortnight to Spring, it's coming, I know it is, soon, the birds are chirping, the squirrels came back, but the bunnies are nowhere to be seen. They must be hiding the Easter eggs, in Florida.

Maryanne said...

Love these, Christine! The earrings are really cool and the wirework is great!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Where exactly is the wonky in those earrings????!!! Very cool design...I can see why LOVE was declared! That necklace with Lesley's focal is just divine! In a million years, I would never even come close to a design this fantastic! And that beaded lava rock is truly a work of art!

Your creativity continues to amaze and inspire me!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
Oh Woman you knocked it out of the park on all of your creations! I'm with the Bug I love the earrings you did a fantastic job on the wire wrapping. Those necklaces are all gorgeous I love the simple one with the orange beaded flowers. The one with the bugle triangles is very unique and so your style just simply beautiful. You did your Brother's lava rock gift true justice, I love it! Your creativity with beads are truly astounding I am in awe of you talent. Thank you so much for being my partner in our monthly challenge and I agree when it runs out it is time to meet again!

Sweet Freedom said...

You were really busy! I love the necklace with the twisted bugles - I normally don't like bugles, but those are fantastic!

AntiquityTravelers said...

I am so excited that you went with the wire wrap for the earrings!! I LOVE it - and you did a fantastic job - no WONK there! As Katie would say they are quite "fancified" :)

And you know how much I love your beadwork! which is why I bribed you to show me how :O I love each of these necklaces ... each with it's own 'Christine flare' ... you conquered those lava beads! Which well all know what disaster awaits me when lava beads are involved. But you're are wonderful! I love the earthy feel of that first one and those bugel twists are fantastic! so glad you went with those. That lava rock pendent is genius ... what a great idea to stitch the smaller beads right into the rock. And oh, there is that last one ... quite 'van gogh' sunflower-esque! I absolutely love that one.

I just love seeing the reveals of your and Therese's swaps!!

Karin Slaton said...

I can feel how much fun you had with this challenge, Christine. Especially love those earrings and the open-weave necklace. Gorgeous!

windrock studio said...

I really love the tribal vibe that these pieces have ~ good job, you!


O wow, lovely beadwork! Those black beads are amazing -- so earthy, and like some valuable currency from an ancient time :)

Bobbie said...

How fun that you both chose to do wirewrapping this time around! It was a perfect match with Leslie's components in the earrings. (If they don't look wonky to me, does that mean I'm a little off-kilter, too?) The other pieces are great fun -- I think you made the right choice leaving the triangles open on the bugle bead necklace.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love your designs Christine! The wire wrapping on the earrings really makes the beads look so feminine. What a great idea working seed beads in the the natural holes in the rock. So cool! I love that splash of orange at the end too. :)

Karen Williams said...

This is such a fun series - I love seeing what you come up with each month! I particularly like your first necklace - the geometric triangles with the rough lava makes a great contrast.

No snowmen here though. The closest we're getting to snow right now are the cherry blossom petals that are starting to fall.

Unknown said...

I'm with The Bug. LOVE the earrings! Yea!! You're working with metal!! :-)

Unknown said...

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Kat said...

Love what you created. It is an amazing thing, our minds. I also create with beads though not as interesting as yours. I blog too.