Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Always Ready for Ice Cream

I went out Treasure Hunting with my Dear Friend and her Mom.  One of the places we stopped at had this little sweetie ~ Mother-of-Pearl and Sterling Silver and the price was just right, so it came home with me.  The iridescence on the M-O-P is quite beautiful, though the camera had difficulty capturing that soul.  Fleur was so proud to wear this for a bit!  She often steals the spotlight from the jewelry she models, but we were able to make her beautiful colors work with this photo.

My initial thought was to make as skinny a spiral rope as I could possibly make as the neck strap and to make it  L  O  N  G to triple it around the neck.  I wanted it to mimic the look of the spoon handle.  By the time I got a mere 2 inches into weaving the chain, it was apparent that the chain was going to distract from the spoon.  So I went light and lacy instead.

At this point, Fleur was quite perturbed when I covered her up for this picture.  She doesn't ever feel the need to hide her colors.  She let me snap this one picture then she abruptly ended the shoot.  Diva.

You still cannot see the gorgeous iridescence in this photo, but rest assured it is there!  


windrock studio said...

You & Fleur both did wonderful with the photo shoot for this sweet piece!

Liz said...

I am completely captivated by that spoon. I totally get why you snapped it up. And then, you managed to hit the ball out of the park. That has to be the most subtle commanding presence I've seen. WOW! Light, lacy and amazing. This is a super sweet one of a kind that needs to be hanging from a celebrity neck in a fashion photo shoot. It would steal the show.

Jasvanti said...

Beautiful Necklace!!
I love that you made the chain simple to focus on the spoon.

AntiquityTravelers said...

I'm not surprised that your Fleur likes to strip off her clothes :O

I love the lacy rope with this it does let that gorgeous vintage spoon take the show! So here is a fun fact (which I didn't know, but 'my' Dave told me) .... you shouldn't use metal with caviar as it will impart a metal taste. So typically spoons are other materials like bone, wood or perhaps shell ... wonder if in a past life this spoon had a decadent purpose?

Lisa Resnick said...

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