Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rocks Off On Hump Day!!!!!

Yes, finally!!!  I am working on Rocks again and it just happens to be Wednesday ~ everything lined up nicely ~ Woo Hoo!!!  This is brief, as I am not supposed to be here right now, but I had the urge to blog...even if only for a brief moment.

I wanted to bead some rocks in a bit of a different way ~ a way that would cover almost the whole rock, yet let most of it still show.  Cover but be to go about that?  I also wanted the rock to remain rather loose in its beading, so it can spin a bit.  This particular Lake Michigan Rock doesn't spin as much as I was hoping, but all the rest of it turned out the way I imagined so I am leaving it.

I will make a chain for it later tonight or tomorrow over coffee.  But I wanted to get this posted now, because it is Wednesday...and Rocks Off on Thursday just doesn't have the same punch.  Excuse the photo ~ I took it on my phone because I didn't want to bother with the real camera when I knew I would never capture those bugle beads properly.  That finish is a bitch to photograph no matter what type of camera is used.

Hope you all are having a wonderful, Colorful, inspiring Fall!

I had to add the profile bugles to keep the mandala spikes evenly spaced, though they looked pretty good all free and doing their own spacing based on the contours of the rock.  Maybe I will let the next one go a little more wild. 


windrock studio said...

so happy to see you here and to get a look at the side angle ... awesome!

Amy S. said...

ALWAYS love to see what you do with your rocks. Seems like phones take photos just as well as nice cameras sometimes!!! So nice to see you playing with your beads again. Hope all is well!

Liz said...

Ohhhhh Ahhhhh. Love the side view. You did it. You covered it and let it show! Bugles never looked so goooooooood!!!

AntiquityTravelers said...

ooooh! I missed your post this week. Too much work makes Jane a very dull girl. I love when you play with your rocks! and when they spin!! this one looks like it will catch the light nicely especially those long shadows as we head into Fall.