Thursday, June 30, 2016

And Just Like That, The Last of June

So much time has gone by, and no beads ~ no weaving, stringing, new purchases ~ to show for it.
It is ok.  I am at a place of acceptance and understanding with this drought.  I know why it came, I know when it will go.  I miss the beads, but they are quietly waiting for my return.  No guilt or pressure from them.

This past year has been unusually booked solid for my family.  And since I am not a multi-tasker, the beads had to be set aside so I could focus on all the big things that came our way.  It has been all good things, but just a lot.  I am bursting with want and need to bead so at the moment, I am content just knowing I WANT to do it.  I carry my beads with me everywhere.  They haven't been opened in so long.  But having them by my side is good enough for now.

We were recently in Acadia National Park.  The senses were filled, the mind was calmed, and there were Textures all around!  I always gravitate to nature for inspiration and replenishing.  But it is curious to me that two of my favorite photos from the trip were built by human hands, as was one of my favorite photos from a trip to Nashville in March.

Carriage House in Acadia National Park.  The mix of details, lines, textures excites me! 

The Underside of a Carriage Road Cobble Stone Bridge, Acadia National Park.  I mean, look at those Rocks!!!

John Steigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, with a ghost-like presence of the "Batman" building that looms high in the skyline.  Those metallic lines against that blue Tennessee sky! 

There is a collective halt in blogging lately.  I am curious if you are all still being creative or if that has temporarily halted too?  Thanks for reading, thanks for being a part of this little community.  And if I haven't visited your blog in a while, that will change soon.  I miss you all!


Honey from the Bee said...

So glad you found happiness in the moments! I look back and see where I spend my time from 2 years ago to today and realize I'm making the right choices. I do want to spend last SM time and more on my blog though. Mainly I want to spend time in my studio and time with my hubby and friends. I find FB is addictive and I can sit and hit refresh several (multiple!) times before I make myself get up and get away!! Love your photos - all that texture on one house - oh my!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
I know that your beads are a part of you as they are with many of our circle, but even they know when one needs to set them aside for the other joys in life. I went to my blog just yesterday and was shocked that the last time I posted was in January of this year. It has been hard to get back in the groove, but the longing is there. I love the photos, I also have been enjoying following all the adventures you and you family have been on this past year on Facebook.

AntiquityTravelers said...

So many of us are at this crossroad. Right there with you. It may not seem like it, but we are there standing beside you. No worries. We all need that breather from time to time, and we all need time with our families. Lean in and enjoy those last few days as the 4 of you ... it will soon be the 3 of you. I feel it myself. And yes, I do so love the textures and patterns in these pictures of yours. They are mesmerizing.

Maryanne said...

What can I add to what the others have said? I'm in the same place as you, wanting to create but not doing it. I also want to blog but don't. A real drought, but I think it will pass. I'm not on FB so I don't see what others are doing and saying there. I sometimes feel isolated but I prefer not to join in with the time drain that FB is. Enjoy the summer and all your travels. Your pictures are wonderful and full of texture and inspiration!

Amy S. said...

I adore these photos and am just drooling over the cobblestone bridge!! Gorgeous. I love the way you are carrying the beads around with you - and when the time is right you'll know!!!!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Priorities - sometimes it sounds like a dirty word...BUT IT'S NOT! Love your photos - I am a texture girl myself! Reminds me of Old Town Alexandria, VA - just outside of Washington DC - where I worked for way-too-many-years. It is a hugely popular little City..but, just turn off the main drag and there are historic cobblestone streets and's like walking back in time!

Liz said...

Three great pictures! Beads have amazing patience and intuition. The love affair will continue with renewed intensity and passion :p

Karen Williams said...

I'm months late in reading this and responding. Like you, life seems to have taken me down some different paths at present. Focused on family and lots of 'need to dos'.

Like you, I keep my beads near me, and I'm drawn to texture.° Your picture of the underside of the carriage bridge is cool and almost a little scary because I can't tell what's holding the stones in place. Hope you had a fantastic Summer!