Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Came and Went

And now it's May.  But here I am, at long last.  Whether I am talking to myself or not, I am just happy to be here!

To tie up a loose end, I finished the Artist's Way on May 1st.  I was pleased with my pace this second time around but I doubt there will be a third time for me.  I am glad I stuck with it, though.  I do want to make Morning Notes and Artist Dates a regular in my routine.  Both clear the mind of crap that lingers too long.  And they also enhance creativity.  More good came out of those two activities than the tasks in each chapter.  For me, anyway.

The one blog I have been able to keep up with on a weekly basis is Amy's.  For the month of April, she did an A-Z challenge and used food and drinks as her subject.  If you haven't seen her post for A-Z, you really should go take a look.  Those food photos will stimulate your appetite and maybe even your creativity in the kitchen!

Here is the ONE item I managed to make in April.  I am in love with the twist in the chain.  There will be more focals dangling from chains like this in the future.  The focal is from a bead shop and the small agate rounds are from Cynthia.  She knows how much I love them! Cynthia, send me your source...I need to order more!  They are perfect for so many projects.

I am hoping to be here more often, but we will see how it goes.  This school year, there were so many places my attention needed to be and I just didn't have the head for beading and blogging.  All good stuff, but I can't multi-task, so this is the part of me that shuts down first.

I hope May is good to each and every one of you ~ thank you for being part of my little world.


Maryanne said...

Welcome back! Not that I have blogged much this year. I love your necklace. I love beaded chains and ropes and the stones and beads go so well together. Hope all is going well with you.

windrock studio said...

Well, hey there! I knew you'd make it back and I'm happy to hear your take on the book, sounds like those two things you got from it are more than enough.

And yay for such awesome friends who gift you with just the perfect dangly part to finish up a special piece ... such a wonderful,twisty necklace.

Hope you've been able to spend some time on the front porch, I've been thinking of you ~

Wendy said...

Beautiful chain!

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh I agree ... finding it hard to make it to blog land lately. But Amy's A-Z was worth every last post! Just happy to see you here, again. And of course I love your necklace with its twists and turns - simple and lovely. The focal is such a great shape!

LisaS said...

Hello there! Yes I too can totally relate to the challenges of blogging -and that said am glad to see what you have created here recently ;) Love the simple beauty of the necklace and the open flowing strands of seed beads that are drawn back in to the main strand...very lovely work!