Monday, November 18, 2013

{Rolling Blog Hop Challenge} Kim of Kimmykats

A short while back, I asked some creative and inspiring women if they would like to participate in a loose kind of blog hop.  Instead of everyone posting on the same day, we will post as we get our projects done, with an end of November deadline.  I send them each a package containing vintage wooden spools like you see on the upper left of the blog (badge compliments of Hope's wonderful photography and Janet's tweaking...thanks ladies~it looks great!).  I found them while antiquing in NJ. 

Kim of Kimmykats has posted her spool designs and I am eager to share them with you all!  Now I can add her spools to that ever growing list entitled "Things I Love That Kim Makes" (that would make a GREAT Pinterest board!).  Please click on her highlighted name above to see more photos of her spools. 

                                                              (photos from Kimmykats Blog)

Wow~WoW~WOW!!!  The BirdMan was looking over my shoulder at just the right moment and went crazy over that cardinal!  These are Beautiful!!!  Kim absolutely played to a few of her numerous strengths here to give these spools the Kimmykats flair.  The tassles, the painting, and the stitching...all so strong and beautiful.  Look at that tiny winter scene, with the dimensional snow!  And the crackle paint on the last much to love here!  Go to KimmyKats so you can read the process of how these pieces went from a wooden spool to these works of art.

Kim is another person whom it seem I have always followed and Kimmykats is a place that feels like home.  Kim's photography skills add such a warmth to whatever it is she is photographing that when you look at these pictures, you can hear the fire crackling in the fireplace, smell the comfort food being baked in the oven, feel the afghan draped across your lap.  Home.  
She and her Mr.  create a lot in their home.  Their back road adventures (the best kind!) take them to places where they can look for silverware, thimbles, chandelier crystals, keys, and other goodies they can turn into jewelry, ornaments and house decorations.  When it comes to the flatware, there is hardly a piece of a fork, spoon, or knife that go unused.  Kim is SO GOOD at using up all the pieces (as you will soon see).  
Kim ventured into beadweaving, using "flying missiles"  (as she lovingly calls the seed beads...or is it through gritted teeth?!) to embellish her jewelry.  Oh how those keys and bullets took to those little beads!  She was my partner last year for Sally's ornament hop and it was seed bead fringed greatness!!!  When the tree came down, the ornament got turned into a necklace for all to see.  

So let's go see some of Kim's finest work:

Kim and her Mr had their spoons in Jewelry Affaire Magazine!

He pounds and textures 
She antiques and embellishes
Together they create such beauty

(photo from Kimmykats Blog)

I would have registered for these knives had Bloomingdales had them on display

Beau.ti.ful.  Feminine, Romantic, Dancing.  
And Please please click on this link to see a preview of Kim's Fork Tine Earrings, key jewelry, bullet jewelry, her husband's rings, and her adorable cats.  

(photo from Kimmykats Blog)

One of many wonderful permanent side bar photos

Along with these festive hand painted  holiday spoon ornaments, Kim's right side bar always has photos of her spoon necklaces, fork tine earrings, and silverware bracelets.  Go look!!!  

(photo from Kimmykats Blog)

Chandelier Necklace

This piece looks like it comes from another time~one much earlier than 2012.  So so pretty.  

(photo from Kimmykats Blog)


Kim learned how to make these from a tutorial.  The textures, shapes, and finishes are wonderful!  I hope we see more of these!

(photo from Kimmykats Blog)

Kim, it has been a huge pleasure going back through many blog posts.  It was hard not to show more and more of your work~you are so creative with all the items you find while you are driving along, taking in the scenery.  What treasures you create!  I know...I wear some of them :-)   You have an eye for beauty and color, and the talent to bring ordinary objects to life.  And you have been a good friend~always game, always positive, always fun.  Thanks for giving me a place to come back to time and time again.

And tell your helpers they are too darn cute!!!  But I think they already know that ;-)


AntiquityTravelers said...

I'm with you ... Kim's designs are mesmerizing! I can't get over what she does with silverware - and those knife handles - oh I remember those! And now she's gone and created these ornament spools! I am simply in love with the look of that third one with the crackle paint and beadwork - hmmmm

kimmykats said...

Christine, it has been my pleasure working with you. What a wonderful place this net is that we can all meet and exchange ideas to help us create. Thank you so much for sending me the "bones" to allow me to create. One of our backroad trips needs to come your way!

Honey from the Bee said...

Wonderful! I'm guessing she'll be getting some wooden spools, as these are wonderful and likely to sell like hotcakes. So unique and lightweight... Love what she does with those knife handles. Her style really speaks to me - love me some crystal. ;-)

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

You filled your post today with the most marvelous photos of her work!!! She is amazing...I still cannot believe she painted that itty bitty scene on that tiny tiny spool!!! And the favorite bid, and I am blessed to have many of them in my backyard! She has created not only beautiful ornaments, but in my mind, treasures to pass down the family tree as time goes by.

PS-I waited until I got to my PC to comment instead of using my non-auto-correct IPad today....

Miss Val's Creations said...

Another extraordinary artist! I adore that hand painted piece. What a gift Kim has being able to create like that! I love reading about husband and wife teams who work together creatively. That is so awesome!


O wow, Kim is really talented -- her work is so beautiful and creative! Thanks so much for sharing. Trust you're having a peaceful, creative week, my friend :)

Liz said...

That is some inspiring work. Each spool came out great. What wonderful talent and insight to re-purpose things in such a gorgeous way.

Therese's Treasures said...

I am a big fan of Kim and her Mr. they are both a real hoot and so talented. The things they can make with silverware is amazing. I own many of those pieces. I had two sets custom made for me and my Sister out of our Mother's silver plated ware that she got when her and my Dad got married. I would love to me them in person one day maybe on one of my trips to the Midwest or one of their back road trips back to the south I would love to take them to some of the flea markets and antique shops here in Montgomery I am sure they will find lots of interesting stuff.

Gloria said...

She's so multi-talented, there is something for everyone in her creations! The chandelier necklace and the Christmas spools are lovely. The last time I used seed beads I was picking them off the floor for a couple of days- they did go flying, had to keep Lucy out of the room, lol.

Bobbie said...

What a multi-talented lady! Beading, painting, metalworking...all to create such lovely results. Her spools are fantastic -- gorgeous!