Monday, November 4, 2013

{Rolling Blog Hop Challenge} Bobbie of Beadsong

A short while back, I asked some creative and inspiring women if they would like to participate in a loose kind of blog hop.  Instead of everyone posting on the same day, we will post as we get our projects done, with an end of November deadline.  I send them each a package containing vintage wooden spools like you see on the upper left of the blog (badge compliments of Hope's wonderful photography and Janet's tweaking...thanks ladies~it looks great!).  I found them while antiquing in NJ. 

To have this hop without Bobbie of Beadsong would be unthinkable.  Thankfully, I didn't have to twist her arm to agree to do this.
Here is what she made with her spool.  Click on her highlighted name above to see the close-ups and read about the tender inspiration of this piece.

                                               (photo from Beadsong Blog)

Isn't she amazing?!  She is so good at capturing a feeling, a vision, a memory, a moment, a landscape, and translating it into wearable art.  This cathedral window pattern is such a strong image in the quilting world.  And she made a jewelry piece that clearly captures the inspiration of her quilt.

Bobbie's humor is the huge bonus to all the beautiful and creative jewelry that brought me to Beadsong in the first place.  I mean, all someone has to do it type the word "Bobbie" and I smile...BIG.  Along with that humor, she has style, she has vision, she has originality, and is truly making exquisite jewelry that reflects all of those strong qualities.  Bobbie does quite a few outdoor shows every year and blogs about them and all the funny things that go on there.  Sometimes, it isn't funny until she has had some time put between her and the event...time can bring out the humor in most absurdities and calamities.  She is on the ZNet team of designers.  And she hosted a hop called Hats Off Challenge~Jewelry Inspired by Kentucky Derby Hats.  Her passion is infectious because all us hoppers caught Derby Hat Fever :-)

Take a closer look on all the goodness that comes out of Bobbie's mind and hands:

The Monster Bobbie Tamed

It left me speechless.  Look at what she did here!  She mentions that it took FORever to make/finish, but in the end, goodness this great was well worth the wait and the pain (of course it wasn't OUR pain, so that is easy to say!).  Those round turquoise beads being the curving thread to pull all these colorful whirlpools and the ruffled chain together is a mark of her eye for finishing things off right...even if it took some time to get there.

(photo from Beadsong Blog)

Mississippi Mud Romance

Bobbie made this for the Challenge of Color Hop.    The feeling of wandering and of journey is clearly felt in this meandering river piece.

(photo from Beadsong Blog)

Long lingering UFO that finally found its time to shine!

Aren't our eyes and brains glad this baby was finally born?!  Circle...good!  Beading around the agate...good!  Adventurine darn goooood!

(photo from Beadsong Blog)

 Challenge of Music

Bobbie participated in the Challenge of Music Hop and made this piece out of a violin bridge!  The vision and the way this is done is unique and genius and gorgeous.  Click on the link and you can read about her family of musicians.  And you will see another genius piece...beaded beads all representing different types of music and all strung on one of her husband's old violin strings!  Holy crap!  Seriously great post!
(photo from Beadsong Blog)

Time to Start Following Beadsong's Blog

I think this was the piece that got my attention and made me a faithful follower of Bobbie.  This is : Divine.  Gorgeous.  Visionary.  A Show Stopper.

(photo from Beadsong Blog)

Thank you Bobbie~for making me laugh, for talking Freddie with me, for your beautiful and highly creative artwork, and for agreeing to be a part of this Hop.  I adore everything you do.


Maryanne said...

I love Bobbie's necklace. It's so beautiful and clever to have used RAW for the Cathedral Window pattern. All her jewelry is beautiful and very inventive. Love this hop, Christine!! I think a lot of the love and memories that these spools are generating in all of us is coming from you!


O you beading people and your hops! You guys have so much creative, inspiring fun! Bobbie's work is gorgeous. Hugs to you :)

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I love her blog, too! Her writing style always brings a smile to my face! Her spool was jaw-dropping to me - what a tribute to her MeMaw!!!I have no idea how all of your Blog Hoppers are coming up with the uber-creative designs - I am simply fascinated! Beautiful!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Bobbie's piece stopped me in my tracks! Not only is it a beauty, with a 'grandma's rustic touch' it has the most amazing story to it as well! I am a sucker for a great story - and her's is good, really good.

I agree with you Christine - I love everything Bobbie makes! Her work is amazing, no detail left out. Great post!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Bobbie's work is amazing! I really, really love Mississippi Mud Romance. The wire work combined with the beading is so unique!

Liz said...

I couldn't agree with you more, about darn near everything. When I first found Bobbie's site I was blown away. Such style and humor. That spool is amazing. This hop is such fun!

LisaS said...

Wow! I love Bonnie 's blinging bobbin...

All absolutely gorgeous!

Therese's Treasures said...

This so far has been a blast viewing what my fellow participates in your challenge have been making, thank you for your creative brain storm of a challenge.
Bobbie, what can I say, she is one petite creative power house. Her southern roots come through in her blog as well as in person. I have been lucky to see her work first hand at the Kentuck Arts Festival that is held here in Alabama, her work is even more gorgeous and fascinating in person. If you ever get a chance to meet Bobbie in person you will be just as captivated by her Southern poise, charm, and humor as I have been.

CraftyHope said...

Bobbie's quilt is so, so cool! Well, Bobbie made it so it's just awesome isn't it? She really does have a way with beads that's absolutely inspiring and your challenge to her was no exception.

Honey from the Bee said...

Just love her work and her blog! Great picks on pieces to highlight, Christine. Very cool piece she did for the challenge - looks very wearable.