Thursday, February 28, 2013

She Made~She Made February and Thursday's Thing* and, well, just read on!

Today's She Made~She Made Challenge is taking the place of Thursday's Thing * .
Or maybe, it is one and the same.  My Thursday's Thing* is my friendship with Therese.  What a difference she has made in my life.  Her warmth, concern, humor, eye candy, gentle push to try new things...all these things have helped me grow and have made me a bit more brave and a lot kinder to myself.  I love her more than beads. 

Therese picked these beads for February ~  fire cracked agate and Juli Cannon's Studio Juls heart. 

First up is my fire cracked agate.  Again, I apologize for the photos.  Still No Freakin' Sun in these parts.

I fought the urge to use bronze with these and instead used a matte grey, metallic green and a pea green pearl.  I am contemplating doing it over in bronze though.  I think I went grey because Every Darn Thing in my life if currently grey.  There has been nothing but grey skies and white on the ground for what seems like For-Freakin'-Ever.  I go back and forth with really liking it and wanting to go bronze.  Thoughts?

 Next is the heart.  I have to be honest here.  The second I saw the heart, I thought two things.

The first thought was:
   (get ready to Squeal, Bobbie!)

The second thought was, this heart would become a mascot in my workshop.  Here she is:
She now hangs out with Vincent, my Frog, my other little Lady, and a few hundred Rocks.  I gave her a full head of hair that still allows her fat bottom to show.  I had so much fun making her!

I am running right over to Therese's Treasures now to see if Therese was a bit more tasteful and respectful of her heart :-)

One last thing to tell you...tomorrow, Therese and I will be announcing our next A Time to Stitch Hop, so please check back in to see what stitches are in this hop and to sign up if you want.

Thanks for stopping by :-)  Happy Thursday!

*Appreciate what you have.  Want for less...unless it is beads or music.


LisaS said...

I like it just the way it is -bronze would work but gray looks better to me.

Would love to hear heart! I tried playing the video you posted but my computer seems to be all jammed up at the moment! Have not heard em in a long time but I remember that song and you certainly made me laugh! Some songs just stick with you ;)

Sweet Freedom said...

Gorgeous bracelet! I know what you mean about the bronze - it is my go-to seed bead. I'm doing a freeform piece with it now. Can't get away frim it/don't even want to.

You and Therese have a great thing going!

Amy S. said...

Love the bracelet! And I am cracking up about the mascot! And might I add - there is no freaking sun up here in MA either lately. It's been snowing or raining since Saturday!

Maryanne said...

Okay, so the mascot heart is just too funny!!!! I love it. And, the Queen video too. The bracelet is beautiful and I know what you mean about bronze. I use it all the time and I have it in every size seed bead in the house at all times!!!

windrock studio said...

That bracelet is gorgeous, perfect just the way it is, and so is the heart ... you know I luv it!
Happy Thursday to you!

Unknown said...

hahahah Fat bottem girls!!!! That bracelet is so pretty and Yes I like to keep my Juls beads where I can see them too!!!


Hahaha.. that mascot! The bracelet is gorgeous as always though; wonderful antique, museum-y quality :)

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
First let me just say right back at you everything you said about me I feed double for you!
I love the bracelet the gray beads make the orange of the fire agate stand out and shine.
That is my most favorite song from Queen! Yes us fat bottom girls do make the rocking world go round! I love your rocked out mascot too she is awesome!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

OMG I love that song! I actually played the video twice, as I have not heard it in AGES! Love the mascot! Personally, I would keep that fab bracelet just the way it is...gorgeous!

Bobbie said...


And the pieces you created are pretty freaking fantastic, too!

You, my dear, rock.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Ok ... awesome song! You totally crack me up!! and I am loving that you turned your heart upside down and turned it into a mascot! oh! and there is Vincent! and your frog!!

Now for that bracelet ... LOVE it! I would not change the colors. The grey allows for the stones to be the star of the bracelet. If you change it to bronze it might drown out those gorgeous stones!

in other news ... no sun here either. boooooo

Gloria said...

You love her more than beads- awesome, awesome.

Okay, I am laughing, I haven't thought of that song for eons and love how you turned the agate on its axx- perfecto.

I'm on the third coat of paint for a cabinet, and still can't see it properly due to NO SUN! It's disappeared from the northern hemisphere, feels like it.

Okay, Annie, "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow, Bet Your Bottom Agate, That Tomorrow There'll Be ..." and if not, tomorrow and a day or whatever that poet was blathering on about.

Your bracelet is beautiful, why not sleep on it for a bit and see if it grows on you, not like mold because there's no sunshine...

Time for sleep.

CraftyHope said...

I like the gray with the stones. Now that you've made it, I cannot imagine it with the bronze. My imaginator must be out of order at the moment. In either case, it's really nice.

Miss Val's Creations said...

The grey was a perfect choice with the fire agate. The stones would not have shown up as beautifully next to bronze. Gorgeous work as always!

I am done with the grey weather too. It is grey again today in my sky!!!

Queen is my favorite all time rock band! I am a sucker for over the top music. One of their songs was done on Glee a few weeks ago. I was so giddy!!!!

What a mascot! Love it!

Honey from the Bee said...

Love love love that bracelet! What gorgeous stones... your lady... well, what can I say: I like big butts I cannot lie...