Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It wasn't only bills that came in the Mailbox

Janet from Honey From the Bee send me some wonderful goodies! 
Seattle Chocolates (the Dead Sea Salt and Toffee is a mere wrapper now, the Cappuccino Crunch will be the next to go, and then the Pike Place Espresso ), and beads of  freshwater pearls, mother of pearl & agate.

AND these Super Cool, Super Fun, Super Beautiful, Super Swingin' Earrings made from agate beads I sent her!
(Karen Williams, if you are reading, these are the ones I sent to you because they reminded me of fish tails and you were making your adorable fish at that time.  I sent them to Janet without a word as to what I saw (fishtails), what my family saw (bats, Xmas tree base) and she came back with Flower Pots!)

Me wearing the Flower Pots. 
The flower swings independent of the leaves and pot!  And it makes a great little sound when it swings.  I love jewelry that jingles or clacks.   It is hard to be anything other than happy when there is light jingling going on while I am moving about my day. 

Me Super Happy about the earrings! 
and Beads!  and Chocolate!  and Janet!  She really is as Sweet as Honey...her Blog is aptly named.

Thank you, Janet.  Thank you Thank you Thank you :-D  Your friendship has brought me sweetness to all my senses, including my heart. 

(it is really hard to take a profile picture on one's self and have it turn out even slightly ok!)

And take a look here at some more of Janet's Beauties for your ears (photos belong to Janet):

And while we are talking about earrings, Amy over at Copper Diem is having a Blog Hop for a great cause.  It is to make earrings  for Ears to You, an organization that gives earrings to women who are going through chemo.  Please click on Amy's link to learn more about Ears to You and the details of the Hop.  I already signed up! 


Unknown said...

Those are ultra cool earrings Christine. I love jingly jangly too!

Bobbie said...

Cute, cute, cute earrings!! And how great that your chic haircut shows them off. What a great mailbox trip you had today!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine, I love how happy you are with the simple things in life it makes my heart smile! I know what you mean about wearing earrings that jingle when you move it is like have wind chime by your ears. The flower pot earrings are really cute and suit your style. My mouth is watering for the chocolate so eat a piece for me Ok. It is great having friends that send sweet surprises in the mail!

Honey from the Bee said...

I love the side photo of you in the flower pots! I think they show the joy I had in making them for you.

I love earrings that make a sound, too. I've got a pair of Christmas ones with bells that I love.

I'm still carefully managing my intake of the Cadbury, as it has to last me til the middle of October. lol!

Thank you for the post and you are so welcome for the goodies!

windrock studio said...

Very cool & fun bling! New looks going on here at your space, too ~
I like!

AntiquityTravelers said...

You are too cute! I love your new earrings ... a little bit of sunshine -- just like that smile of yours.


Ooh lucky you -- that chocolate looks very good! And your flower pots are just adorable :)

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Great self-portraits! The earrings are super cute! But the chocolate.....yum!

Karen Williams said...

Flower pots! That hadn't occurred to me! They are too fun. :) Love the idea and the little nudge to actually do something with those beads!

What a fun package; aren't Seattle Chocolates good? Yum!

And I have to say I wish I could manage to take a profile pic that looked anywhere near as good as the ones from here! Hugs.