Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blogger Award Hop

So many blogs I enjoy, so many to choose from, so many who deserve recognition, so many who light my fire and so many who keep it burning.  I need more chocolate.  I cannot make these decisions!

It is no secret in the blog world that Therese and I have a little love affair going on...of the platonic variety.  To not put Therese on any of my awards lists seems wrong.  So very wrong.  But she and I are always linking to each other and you all know I adore her, so I am going to spread the word about some other blogs in my awards. 
And to not award Cynthia seems equally wrong.  But if you look at yesterday's post, you will see how much I appreciate and enjoy all things at Antiquity Travelers, including the creator herself!  She is generous, kind, funny, talented...and a real treasure :-) And a big Thank You goes out to her for all the time and energy she put into this Hop. 
A brief recap...Cynthia was awarded a trio of awards and in turn, passed them on to 7 people.  In a week-long series, she did a write up on each of us and  asked us to participate in today's hop.   Then Cynthia created a new series of 5 awards to be given out today to blogs we think best represent the categories. 

And now, the New Award Series for the Blogger Award Hop, Created By the Antiquity Traveler Herself!!

Artistic: blogger whose work (what they create) is consistently beautiful to you



Susan at Windrock Studio ~ always, Always beautiful.  always warm (a cuddling up by the fireplace kind of warmth).  always feels like home.  Susan's leather purses, wall hangings, mudhuts and photos are not to be missed.  Her husband Larry creates people with clay and you swear you can hear them talking.  Susan speaks volumes with very few words.  I admire that deeply..... 
(these photos belong to Susan)

Penny from Copper Penny Designs ~ So much to love...Penny's jewelry is art, her words are art, her feelings are art.  I just love her sense of color and how her jewelry is like a peek into the soul. She has a tenderness and a strength about her that radiates beauty. 
(this photo belongs to Penny)

Bobbie from Beadsong Jewelry ~ I really thought about adding another category to Cynthia's list of 5.  I wanted Bobbie to have Artisty, but I also wanted to add Humor.  She is a freakin' riot and makes some seriously beautiful jewelry while being funny!  So an award for Humor too ~ my little Gnome will be the mascot of this award :-)  But here is why Bobbie is so deserving of Artistry (it was this piece that made me start following her in earnest!).  Look at that necklace!!!
(dirty gnome photo is taken by me, necklace photo belongs to Bobbie)

Style: A blog that uses style to inspire, one that is photographically beautiful

 Janet at Honey from the Bee ~ collages of styles that flow together, gorgeous quality jewelry made by hand, photos of nature and travel. Photographically Luscious...Janet really has it all going on with her blog.  It is one of the more inspiring stops when I visit blogs.  Really do yourself a favor and go to Janet's blog.  She is working on a piece of jewelry now that I cannot get out of my head...I love the idea of "what it could be" almost as much as the idea of seeing it finished.  The photograph evokes that hint of the grand potential.  Go find it for yourself and in the meantime, maybe this will get you clicking on her link!  
(this photo belongs to Janet)

 Journalistic: A blog you feel is really well written, informative and inspires discussion

Erin at Elysian Studios ~ Well written.  Check.  Inspires discussion.  Check.  Informative.  Check check check check check.  I want award Erin EVERY award except Newbie.  She is Artistic, Stylish, Journalistic and Educational.  Go see for yourself!  She really is the complete package.  She writes about art shows and art festivals in her area.  She writes book reviews.  She has her paintings hanging in a local business and sells her jewelry on the web.   She is organized, motivated, and a real inspiration in every way.  Look at these vibrant beauties~talk about inspiring! 
(this photo belongs to Erin)


Hope of Crafty Hope ~ Hope holds the trifecta in this category too!  Well written, informative, inspires discussion.  She is super at linking to other blogs that have info like recipes, giveaways, hop sign ups.  Her list of New Year's resolutions is a great list for discussion.  She is dedicated to holding herself accountable even if she doesn't stay on task.  I just love her blog and her enthusiasm.  Even if she is having an off day, she is rather enthusiastic about it :-)  Her photos are a slice of everyday life and totally relatable.  And when I read her Meal Plan Mondays, I wish she lived nearby and we could cook together!  It just sounds like good food and food I *might* be able to make.  She was one of the first blogs I started following.  And each time I read a post, I think, "I want to hang out with her!"  She is just honest and real and a joy! 

(These photos belong to Hope)

 Educator: A blogger providing great, usable tutorials that are easy to follow

Karen at Baubilicious and Skunk Hill Studio ~ she got me to understand Right Angle Weave through her tutorial.  She accomplished what no one else could accomplish in the 6ish years I have been weaving.  That certainly deserves some kind of award! Karen offers tutorials on Right Angle Weave, Freeform Peyote Earrings, Snowflakes, and Concrete and Epoxy cabs, just to name some.  She writes about the Color Wheel and color temps, hue, intensity, value, contrast, etc. ~ all things color related.  If you are a weaver and you know about colors, tiny seed beads can do a lot of talking!  And you might want to add her book to your bookshelf.  Just look at the cover piece!  
(photo belongs to Karen)

Mandy at Beads for Brains ~ oh Mandy!  She is truly and endless well of tutorial links and is so unbelievably inspiring.  She started a 365 project...make something for 365 days in a row.  She was in the last stretch when she had to stop doing it each and every day but is still chipping away at it.  She will certainly reach her goal!  She is learning 365 new beadweaving stitches, techniques and patterns.  With each post, she links to the tutorial she followed.  For the ones that are not on line, she lists the publications she got them from.  Definitely well deserved Educator award :-)  
(this photo belongs to Mandy)

Erin from Elysian Studios ~ as I said before, Erin certainly deserves 4 out of the 5 awards.   So I am slipping her in here for a second shout out!  This time, the link will take you directly to her tutorials.  She has them for origami cranes, baby gifts, jewelry ideas, and more!  She also links to Morning Pages.  It was over this that our friendship started to form.  I read her post about Morning Pages and decided to do it.  She then encouraged me to do the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and we started talking on a regular basis and co-hosted a blog hop together.  Here is a picture from her Zentangle tutorial.
(this photo belongs to Erin)   

 Newbie: A favorite new blog (with less than 100 followers, and blogging less than 1 year)

Katherine from Terra Beadworks ~ the Artistic Award should certainly go to Katherine too...I mean, take a look!!!  She is  such a beautiful weaver.  After cruising her blog and seeing photos of where she lives, it is easy to see where she gets her inspiration.   We met through blogging not too long ago and she was someone so easy to talk.  Kind person, beautiful work, gorgeous scenery in her photos ~ I certainly hope this "Newbie" is around for a L O N G time :-)  
(this photo belongs to Katherine)

Doug of the Diettante Cocktailer ~ Nepotism.  Yep.  Doug is my brother.  And in the true Spirit of Notheast PA nepotism, he doesn't *quite* fit the rules of this award but we will make some room for him.  He has been blogging for more than a year.  But he doesn't have the number of followers he deserves.  His blog is about drinks.  Good stiff drinks.  And how to enjoy them.  I come back often not because he is my brother, but because of the eye candy.  He is a fantastic photographer (let's encourage him to open an etsy shop for his photography!) and when I see the drink pictures, I always run for my shaker!  I only ever make Manhattans, but still.....
Take a look at this Margarita photo!   
(this photo belongs to Doug)

If you stuck with me this far, stick around for just a few clicks more!   

Here is a list of the Ladies Participating in this Blog Hop.  Pour another tea or coffee or cider and see who they love:

Cynthia (our lovely and generous Hostess) 






Now that I have written my list and read it over and over, I see that the majority of blogs I frequent are jewelry blogs.  Maybe this hop and seeing who is on everyone else's lists will help me branch out a bit more.

Thank You All for sticking with me on this lengthy, link-filled blog, and thank you for sticking with me in the beading and blogging journey for the past year and a half.
Congrats to all of you...well deserved!  You all keep me going :-D 

All you lovely ladies and Doug, please click on the linky below and add yourselves so everyone can link up.  Feel free to pass these awards on to people you follow and maybe they will link up too.  It is a big ol' love fest and I am happy to be here. 


windrock studio said...

Thank you, thank you very much, Christine! ~ I am
thrilled & honored to be included in such a creative, talented group. It shows that y'all put in lots of loving effort with the awards & this hop!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Indeed! a love fest - just what I like my friend :)

Great picks! Some new, some old favorites for me - just wonderful.

And your brother ... well now, just might have to check that out this afternoon after a long day of hopping :D

CraftyHope said...

You are beyond sweet. I want to hang out with you TOO!! One day my friend, one day. I'm so pleased you like what I write and am now a little ashamed that I haven't reviewed my year's goals the past two months. I kinda fell off the wagon during the summer. I AM hoping to have one done for this month. You've sealed that deal for me now! :)
Thank you for all the kind words. I do appreciate it.

Bobbie said...

Oh, my gosh, what a treat to be included here, and with a gnome of my own!! Thank you, thank you, thank you -- for always having something kind to say that brightens my day, for letting me know some of my ramblings bring a smile to your face, and for including me in this wonderful group!

Bobbie said...

I forgot to compliment you on the choice of the naughty gnome -- like any proper southern lady, I appreciate a slightly naughty man ;-) Perfect!

Karen Williams said...

You are too much Christine! So glad you found my tutorial useful! That's one of the best compliments I could receive! I'm honored to be on your list! :)

(but how come Bobbie got a gnome and I didn't?) ;-)

Unknown said...

Christine, oh so wonderful, I am truly touched my your gracious shout out for me. You inspire me as well friend! I am so glad that we have met along this journey! You are a wide open heart who passes great things onto her friends and the world!

Honey from the Bee said...

omg! Shockarooni! I'm just finishing a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino (I know, not a good breakfast, but it was GOOD!) recommended by a FB friend in Texas when I decide to check in on my favorite blogs before tackling that new piece I'm working on... Started checking out more of your recommendations - awesome picks (CraftyHope being one of my absolute faves!) and some I've not seen - when something looked very familiar to my eyes. Yikes - me!! Thank you so much for this honor to be included with these wonderful creative folks. (I'm a little more nervous now about doing this piece justice. lol! While I'm making selections I'm finding that I wish I could take it at least a couple different ways and see what I like best.) XO

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Cristine,
I am just now commenting on your post even though I read it last night. This past weekend took a lot out of me and I was to tired to type. I just want to say thank you for the kind words and you know just how I feel about you too Sister. Cynthia always comes up with some great ideas and this one was a wonderful idea I had fun do the research for this blog hop I just wish I could have included all of my blogs that I follow. I enjoyed reading about your picks and I am now following at least one of your picks that I was not already following. All are well deserving of these awards.

Sweet Freedom said...

Great post - I found some new favorites to follow! thanks!

Elysian Studios said...

What a great blog hop! Thank you so much for including my blog among all of these other great ones- I am so flattered! You are so kind and are always an inspiration, you deserve several awards yourself! xoxo

Unknown said...

Thank you Christine for including me - I just now found this...I have been kind of sporadic with blogging for a while but it is truly an honor to be your friend. You always bring a smile and have been there when I needed that a few times.

GOLDEY said...

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