Thursday, October 20, 2011

Got a Little Something in the Mail Today

I won a Simple Truths pendant from Erin over at Treasures Found!!! It arrived today and it was a nice reminder on a day that I was starting to let the little things bother be again. We do seem to get what we need when we need it, if we would just open our eyes and hearts a little more.
Please go visit Erin's Etsy Site to see more of her Simple Truths. Aren't the Owls ADORABLE?!?!?

Have a great weekend and as The Simple Truth reminds us, "every thing is beauty full". Make your life Beauty Full :-)


windrock studio said...

Yay! that really is a gorgeous piece!
I love what you say about getting what we need when we need it, wise words. I bet this raised your spirits alot!

Elysian Studios said...

What a beautiful pendant and a lovely sentiment! Enjoy it! Congrats!