Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain Rain Clouds the Brain

I feel thick and dumb and tired with all this rain. And entirely unmotivated to run my errands (who wants to be out in this relentless wetness?!) or get my haircut. And I am a month overdue in getting it cut. My hair grows up, not down. I currently look like Don King's twin sister. The kids don't want to be seen with me. They come home every day and say "You STILL didn't get your haircut?!" I tell them the beads don't mind my hair. They tell me to not to make excuses. I tell them I am going to start teasing it out and see how big I can get it. They remind me Back-to-School night is next week and they URGE me to not meet their teachers looking like THIS. I am kind of enjoying watching them squirm. How high can I take it?

So while I am avoiding the hairdresser and the bank and the grocery store and the liquor store, I am not doing nothing. I am beading. And listening to music. Daniel Lanois helped draw this one out of me.

Who do you listen to when you create?


windrock studio said...

Oh, you know, it just always depends on the mood and the time of day.
Maybe it's all the rain making your hair big! I actually had a real 'fro in the 70's and I have alot of hair, too, it was pretty awesome ~ just
something to think about!
Love the new piece.

Therese's Treasures said...

The rain can be a real bummer and a mood killer. I have not had my hair cut in over a year, personal choice, but it is really beginning to bug me now I also have not died it in over six months and everyone is commenting on my gray hair. How rude!!LOL. I love the necklace and now that I have moved in with my Mom I listen to what she is watching on television :-( I have tried wearing my ipod but that is just too much confusing noise, tv and music don't mix.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! You make me sooooo wish I would have had kids! I would have pulled that hair stunt on them too. Hysterical! And I like what you are working on!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh you gave me a good laugh I resemble a yeti as it probably been a year since I've had a professional cut......eek!

Elysian Studios said...

I love your candidness- it made me laugh! I don't think the beads would mind your hair at all! I love the necklace- what a beautiful design!

JuLee said...

I live in the Pacific Northwest. With the exception of August, it is ALWAYS raining here. As to what I listen to, well that depends on the mood. Lately it has been Abba for some strange reason I have yet to figure out.