Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Reader's Challenge

RED is my Muse. Well, Red and Gram Parsons. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of Gram Parsons to to had, while Red is endless. Every time I shop for beads, I buy a small stash of Red. I never have any ideas for them, no vision for how to use Red. I just like having them around. This new school year,(which coincidentally starts today)one of my many self-induced challenges is to use Red. A lot. So when Sally sent me the info for the Andrew Thornton August Reader's Challenge, I knew I had to climb on for this ride!
I opened the package and instantly saw two separate necklaces. The "Magic" needed to be fringe and a bit bohemian and reminiscent of the early days of my beading life. And ALL RED.
The Copper Sunburst Pendant made me squeal when I opened it~what an understated beauty! I collect Rocks and when I saw the pendant I knew I had to use a Rock as the backdrop. And I had the perfect Rock from my recent visit to Michigan. I added some of my own earthy size 15/0 seed beads to make the Red pop. These gorgeous lampwork beads and rich colored Swarovski were alternated with jasper rounds and freshwater pearls. I love blending Earthy and Elegant.
Long ago, my Mom told me that some quilters see Red as a neutral color. I may have to explore that theory this year. Next stop for Red?! Check back soon and see where I take the her.

Please take a few moments to see what the other participants did with their Red packages.

Jessica Nelson
Andrew Thornton
Leslie Todd
Holly Westfall
Alice Peterson
Cilla Watkins

Sally Russick
Beth Emery
Patty Gasparino
Jeannie Dukic
Norma Turvey
Rebecca Anderson

Darby Lohrding, Marian Howarth, and Kari Asbury will all have pieces featured on Andrew Thornton's blog


Anonymous said...

Christine! Beautifully done! You work well in red!

Alice said...

Both are very pretty! I'm not as thrilled about red as you, but I managed to get a couple pieces made out of this gorgeous kit. Can't wait to see what September brings.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine, Both necklaces are beautiful and there is just something about red that demands attention! I really like the second necklace it's just more my style.

Anonymous said...

Red Neutral? hmmmmmmmmmmm! Worth exploring. Really love the "Y" necklace and the Michigan rock behind the sunburst pendant.

Holly said...

Red, a neutral color? I can totally see that and love it! Great job on both of these pieces! The "Magic" really calls to me :)

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! I especially love the top, RED necklace! I'm interested as to what it means to use red as a neutral colour....don't have very good technical colour vocab but I do love it and find it's interplay fascinating.

Leslie Todd said...

Your necklaces are beautiful! I love the way you used the rock with the sunburst pendant.

I had never heard that about red being neutral in quilting. That's interesting. I always like to use a little gray to make all the other colors, especially oranges and reds pop. I'll have to think about using more reds.

Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

Wow, your designs are my favourite so far in this challenge, they are really unique.
Deb x

Andrew Thornton said...

Very nice! Good job on both pieces! It's interesting to read about the quilters seeing it as a neutral color. Chromatically red has the same value as black. So if you take black and white photos, red reads as it would if you taking pictures of black.

Anyway, you've created two very nice pieces. I love the fringe work in the magic piece and really like the usage of the rock from the second. It's set off perfectly with the other red components. Thanks so much for participating!

windrock studio said...

Just gorgeous! The fun you had with these shines thru, great work.

sharon said...

Gorgeous red creations Christine! You sure work well in red....I have real problems with it, but yours are incredible!

diane hawkey said...

Red is definitely a neutral! I would wear it with anything.
You did a fabulous job of it.

Amy F said...

love it! you did a great job!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Beautiful!!! Isn't it funny how you "see what your going to make as soon as you open it??? Thank you so much for stopping by and for the sweet words! The force is with us again! lol I now love electricity more then coffee and chocolate combined!

Elysian Studios said...

WOW! That red necklace is a knockout!! I also love how you used the stone as a backdrop for the copper pendant! Beautiful, Christine!

Unknown said...

These are spectacular. Have I told you recently that I think you're awesome? Been braggin' on you and the blog a lot lately....

Anonymous said...

your piece is so bright and happy. I love it!