Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Say It With Me : Rocks off On Hump Day!

The weeks since the last post have been rough, so when I set my hands to beading again, I had to use rocks.  They are healing.  And we all need healing, whether times are good or bad.  We all need healing.
Settling into rocks, Gram's buttons, simple beading...I feel like I belong in this space, with these materials, using these techniques.  It is not elaborate.  The materials are not expensive.  Each rock is a bit of a puzzle as to how I am going to bezel it.  The chains take ten times as long as the bezel because I can never decide how I want the beads to go together.  But in the end, I am soothed and happy with the rock necklaces I create.

When I started out, that line down the center excited me.  So I considered this the A-Side.

But then the B-Side really started to grow on me.

Lake Michigan Rock, Miyuki seed beads and Delicas, charlottes, Gram's button.  


windrock studio said...

I am soothed and happy just seeing your creations and knowing that you are in a wonderful space.
Yay for hump/rock day!!

Liz said...

I see your initial attraction to the A-side, that single bold line is intriguing. But, the B-side speaks to me -- the bead work with that inner circle, and how the netting is a bit more prominent. Alluring. I think your rock necklaces are among your finest work. You take gifts from nature and transform them into creations that highlight how humans should interact with nature, as partners and with reverence.

I'm sorry to hear life has been rough. I'm thinking of you. I hope things are settling down. If there is something I can do to help smooth the turbulence please let me know.

AntiquityTravelers said...

You know I love your rocks.... in the raw, beaded (and yes I hear the giggle from you). In all seriousness ... I know that quiet place beads take you, and its calming nature for you. I hope that you feel that each time you run your fingers over that strong center line in the rock. It is a beautiful piece, for a beautiful memory.

Therese's Treasures said...

Simple and beautiful! You always had a way of bringing out the beauty in your rocks. Only beady people can understand the calming effect we get from working with beads and rocks. I am glad you found some calm and peace my friend.