Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Artists Wahhhhhhhhhhh! I Just Don't Wanna

Weeks six and seven of the Artist Way have passed and I am finding myself brimming with so many ideas about my future job prospects that I just don't want to forge ahead and finish the program.  I will though, but I might speed things up a lot.  I am ready to get to work and try out all the things that are swirling in my head.  More to come on all that when the time is right!

None ~ absolutely NONE ~ of my ideas were about beading.  That scared me enough to send me into the workshop yesterday. I forced myself to bead and I made these two necklaces on some thick C-Lon crochet thread I had leftover from a failed bead crochet project from another lifetime ago.  I didn't think, I just slid beads on the thread.  I am debating the first one, and really like the second.  The Rhythm of Stringing is very healing and inspiring.  I am headed back out there today.  I am hoping to weave, but willing to string some more.  The beads will let me know.

Agates, garnet rounds, and fiber beads I received from Honey From The Bee/Janet (love those fiber beads!)

Agate daggers and matte hematite rounds 

Sorry about the photo quality.  I didn't take time to tweak anything...just trying to go with momentum.  Sometimes, that is the way to roll!


windrock studio said...

It is absolutely the way to roll, I like them both but not sure if I like that you kinda forced yourself into the studio. Of course, I understand, you know that I've totally put down the leather work a few times when it just didn't feel good. It's a glorious thing that you are sticking with the book, even if you're doing it your own "way"... I love that about you and can't wait to see where this takes you.

Karin Slaton said...

I like both your necklaces, Christine. Especially love the combination of materials and textures in the first one. I could have written that same headline. I was sick the entire month of January and all I dreamed about was getting back into the studio. But when February dawned and I was healthy again, I simply could not bead. Nothing. Nada. This had never happened to me before. Went to a bead show at the end of the month, thinking that walking the booths and seeing all the pretty things would get me inspired. Still nothing. Desperate, at the last booth I picked up a strand of beads in a color I never use in my designs. What did I do with them? I STRUNG them into a design, something I never, ever do. But that was all I needed. Took up the needle and thread again, and wove a tassel as a finishing touch. Game on!

Honey from the Bee said...

First - I want to know more!!!! I'm excited for you. I think as a creative person it's okay to let your muse take you whatever direction it wants to. My friend Julie Sontag, lampworker extraordinaire, is currently going through the same thing. Art is art... What to do with the supply of beads? Well, you may find your way back to them from time to time anyway. This book really has done something for you and I can't wait to hear more.

I love what you did with the fiber beads! They add so much wonderful texture and color. I always feel guilty when I string, but sometimes the piece calls for it and other times it's just the rest you need... and a quicker piece to feel satisfaction in creating.

Love you and wishing you a joyous journey!

Maryanne said...

Well, at least I'm not the only one that has to be dragged into the studio. Makes me feel better! As far as your news that we have to wait for, I want you to know that I'm the impatient type 😀! But, l love your necklaces. I guess the muse takes us where she wants to go. Take care my friend.

AntiquityTravelers said...

It is so interesting how many of us are 'on a break' ... I know I feel the same way. I did a bit of beading on vacation, but now that I'm back life just keeps getting in the way. I like that you are exploring, thinking about what suits you ... no matter where that takes you. It's brave and nurturing to the soul. I don't string often, but when I do it is soothing. Just the beads and me. I like the rhythm of these and I LOVE those fiber beads (as you know). I also recognize those stones in the second piece. I have a few from you and I keep pulling them out to create something, but I'm not quite ready yet. But I love those. The colors are so earthy. Maybe we need a bead weekend to just be, and bead.

Liz said...

If you're on fire with the future job prospects -- follow the trail! Beads will wait. They are amazingly patient. Very nice stringing :-)

Unknown said...

Oooh, new ideas! Yay! Follow that muse! I'm finding myself so much more inspired with "making," now that I've allowed myself to expand beyond beading. And, best of all, the new dreams I'm following just seem to enhance everything, even beading. Go for it!