Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November ~ The Final CC7A

This is the final CC7A post...

I was picked to provide the photo for November.  
I took this photo in my front yard years ago.
I like the feel of it. 
A lot. 

The vegetation in the photo is a Rose of Sharon.  Also in the front yard is a Red Maple that was a Mother's Day gift from the Bird Man and The Bug when Bug was two years old.  I have watched both The Bug and my Red Maple grow bright and strong over the years.  Once Sunshine Girl came along, she wanted her own tree.  We transplanted the Rose of Sharon from elsewhere in the yard and called it hers.  

 The twigs are from the Red Maple.  Brittle brown older twigs and a more supple red newer twig.

November casts a long shadow.....

Love Birds hanging out in the tree...there are always a few nests in the Red Maple ~ new life and the occasional one we find dead under the tree.  Circle of life, I suppose.

The round beads are gorgeous agates.  The netting is seed beads in sizes 8, 11, and 15, the love birds were a gift, and the pendant is from Kabela Design.  I picked it up at the last bead show Cynthia and I went to.  Maybe someday there will be flowers in it, or lace, or a haiku.  The possibilities are endless.

Thanks to the other CC7A members for all their months of inspiration :

Alicia ~ April

Therese ~ May

Sally ~ June

Monique ~ August

Cynthia ~ September

Emma ~ October

Me ~ November


kimmykats said...

This is absolutely beautiful....way to go girl!!

Maryanne said...

This is so beautiful! I love it!

Bobbie said...

You found it!! And it's wonderful - I love the way the inspiration is reflected in the pendant, and the asymmetry is balanced perfectly (oxymoron? perhaps...) The agates are a yummy color, but OH that pendant! What a treasure that is.

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh where to begin. I remember this piece like it was one of my own. I love the asymmetry you've done, and agree with the design decisions you ended up with .. it is beautiful, and reflective of that long shadow of Fall you get this time of year --- with the bare trees and what is left on their branches.

And that focal. Oh how I love that focal. It sits on my bead table, and I circle it. Trying to decide what is worthy of putting in the case. You have chosen such a worthy presentation of your girls. A beautiful story of a beautiful family.

For me, it represent an amazing friendship with my BBF. I love this piece. On so many levels. Gorgeous. And thank you for being there for me my BBF

Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful Christine, you never disappoint in your creativity. I love that you made the necklace to represent your family and the trees that are a constant reminder of the love you all share. That pendant is so awesome I like that you can change the contents or add to them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

windrock studio said...

For once, I think I am just without words. At least none to do right by this gorgeous necklace. Christine, this is so very lovely. I'm so happy to gaze at it, longingly, and also to enjoy the story of your girls and their trees.

Alicia said...

Oh, dear, Christine - that is such a meaningful, beautiful, wonderful piece! I love it to the last piece, each symbol, each idea. Perfect for Thanksgiving as well: what better way to celebrate than a necklace that represent the love you're surrounded by. Thank you for participating, thank you for being such a great partner.

CraftyHope said...

Oh heavens! This is gorgeous and touching and simply amazing!

Liz said...

Hello Christine. Your photo is amazing. It evokes possibilities. Your necklace is even better. The branches in the focal are wonderful. The long shadow of November is brilliant. The more I look at this piece the deeper the sentiment sinks in. It's very touching, exceptionally evocative.

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Christine, Your necklace is really unique and lovely. I think it is great that you used twigs off of a tree that has meaning to you.

Honey from the Bee said...

okay... you just keep getting cooler. I love this necklace. The depth of meaning captured with natural elements is very cool. Love!

Amy S. said...

This is FANTASTIC!! I love your love of nature, and I love how you incorporate natural media into your work. This piece is exceptional. And the clasp?! I can't even....
It's really been a pleasure seeing this series throughout the year!