Friday, August 28, 2015

Back Home Again

Are you singing John Denver now?

Here I sit, after a summer of motion.  And when I say motion, I mean we averaged two nights per week in our own beds.  
The day after school let out, we went to Maine and had a very very very relaxing time at a most wonderful B & B in Southwest Harbor.  More on that another time.  On our way to and from Maine, we visited Hartwick College.  The Bug is at that age.  For the next two months, we were on the road looking at colleges, taking the tours, having interviews with admissions to find out what it will REALLY cost.  When we weren't looking at colleges, we were on my parents' pond, trying to paddle away the college confusion.  Water is good for emptying the mind.  The Bug and Sunshine Girl had a shore getaway without The Bird Man and me. They enjoyed it so much more than if we went.  The upside for me was that I avoided the shore in summer.  The downside is that he decided we would kayak a ten mile stretch of the Upper Delaware that weekend.  I am a pond/lake paddler.  Kayaking in rivers sends fear running through every part of my body.  I don't like the current to take me...I would rather my own strength take me.  But I survived.  And enjoyed small stretches of the river where it was calm.  In mid-August, The Bird Man and I decided to go to Vermont ~ our first vacation alone in 10 years.  We ate fabulous farm to table food, stayed at 3 wonderful B & Bs, collected rocks, hiked, and enjoyed a 2pm beer every day.  More on that another time.  
Now we are back to obligations, new schedules, new routines, a very neglected vegetable garden, and giving care to those that need it.  So here I sit.  I have made a whole unpaid career out of sitting and waiting for those I love while they are at sports, lessons, appointments, and while they heal.  I am not complaining one bit.  Someone needs to do it and my heart tells me it is me. 

This post should be photos of Maine, Vermont, the Pond, and all the abandoned structures in between.  But instead, I am posting some photos of the second to last piece of jewelry I made way back in late May-early June.  I am hoping it will prompt me to pick up a needle again.  

agate focal compliments of Cynthia

matte hematite beads, seed beads 

back side which can also be a front side

Fleur loves this grey spiral

I really need to get back to Me and weave.  A simple peyote bracelet is in my immediate future.  I can feel it in my hands already :-) 


Honey from the Bee said...

Welcome back! ;-) Lovely lovely stone and you complimented it so nicely with your beadwork. Classic to wear for a long time.

Unknown said...

Sometimes it is nice to just sit and wait.... I have been known to do that. Waiting for the muse to come back on occasion. I love, no I LOVE that agate. I love the mysterious murky depth and color inside. I have bowls of beads to play with in the middle of a freeform bracelet for a friend who has cancer. I can't seem to finish it....and I don't know what that means. Glad you had some time for yourself this summer. Good luck to the college kids!

windrock studio said...

That's a really nice piece so pick up that needle again, girl! Sounds like you had a very lovely summer vacation and you know I like the part of 2 o' clock beer time.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a busy summer! And college visits, not so much fun.

Think of your time off from beading as a respite. You'll be able to bring so much more to it when you begin again - colors and textures from your trips. Love that agate. That stone has lots to say!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
Sounds like you had a lovely fun packed summer. I feel ya on Kayaking on the river, and I am glad you survived it. The necklace is beautiful! The spiral rope (which by the way is awesome looking) compliments the Agate perfectly. Glad the beads are speaking to you again and that your fingers are itching to pick up the thread and needle. I'm looking forward to seeing the peyote bracelet.

CraftyHope said...

Oh what adventures it sounds like you had this summer! I cannot wait to hear/see more. Funny that you're a lake/pond kayaker. . . I'm a river kayaker (but that's as opposed to a Gulf kayaker with the waves!) I totally get your trepidation about the river. And that afternoon beer sounds lovely too ;)

As for that necklace, it's really dreamy. The agate is beautiful, and your spiral cord is perfect with it! Can't wait to see what you share next!