Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time To Stitch Seven ~ Bead Embroidery

Here we are for Hop #7 in this A Time To Stitch Series!  A big thank you to my co-host Therese for pretty much doing it all herself this time around.  And an even bigger thank you to all of you for your continued enthusiasm for the ATTS hops!

Ok, short on words today, because you all have a lot of blogs to get to ~

Bead Embroidery is not my cup of tea.  And if I had any doubts, I sure confirmed it when I did my pieces.  I LOVE to look at bead embroidery, touch it, buy it, but I will leave the making up to those who have the passion to create it.

I decided to go with a more Folk Art look to my embroidered pieces.  Here they are :

soft, worm denim, Gram's buttons, glass seed beads, glass teardrops

and a snap

leather neck strap, compliments of Cynthia

little leaf still in need of a chain

Here is one I showed already, but I am getting as much mileage as I can out of it (this was done with much help from Cynthia ~ she provided the glass cab and the how-to lesson...with much patience) :

One more photo...this past weekend, Cynthia taught Sunshine Girl how to bead embroider, and she thoroughly enjoyed the process (she seems to like the stitches I don't).  She wants to finish it off with a zigzag stitch neckstrap :

I hope you have a nice drink and a few quiet moments to look at all the wonderful Bead Embroidery on this list.  Thank you for being here.  We appreciate it :-)

.       Therese (Host) 
.       Christine  (Host)
.       Amy
.       Lola
.       Lori F
.       Kim
.       Becky Pancake
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Maryanne said...

Your folk art approach to bead embroidery is great. That's the nice thing about bead embroidery, you can do anything and any stitch to attach something to a base. Thank you for being involved in this hop. I know how busy you are and yet you make time to do this for everyone who participates. Have a good weekend my friend!

Shirley said...

You are cracking me up woman! I adore jewelry with denim, so your pieces are right up my alley.
And the cab Bead girl chose is seriously cool! (My girl tends to excel in areas I don't as well).
Thank you for such a fun challenge!

Elizabeth Bergesen said...

I think your pieces are fantastic!

Amy S. said...

I am absolutely ADORING your work on the denim!!! If this isn't your cup of tea, ou sure fooled me! And cut it out with that adorable flower!!!!!!!!!!! I am LOVING that flower.

Thank you for hosting this challenge. It's a wonderful idea, and I love participating and hopping around. I love the way so many artists interpret concepts so uniquely - just going so far from Therese's blog to your blog and seeing beautiful work, yet totally different!! It's so fascinating and compelling to see!! And on that note, I will warm up my coffee and continue down the list!!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,

I love your denim pieces they are so you! You did an awesome job on them as well as the glass cab. I am so glad you put aside you dislike for bead embroidery and played along. Sunshine Girl did an awesome job on her glass cab to I love the colors. Thank you for being my co-host once again.

Karin G said...

I love your denim piece, I had never seen any, and I just love it, I love how your embroidery stands out on the fabric and I love the Folk art look.
Thank you for hosting this challenge, I love to see so many different creations.

Alicia said...

Brilliant - why didn't to cue me in that cab weaving is not mandatory?! Just kidding, I am so with you on those bezels and absolutely love the denim pieces. That's something I would both make and wear in a blink :) I need lessons with Cynthia ~ look at the lovelies Sunshine Girl is creating! Beautiful all around - thanks for being such a wonderful co-host with Therese!

AntiquityTravelers said...

OMG, OMG! I'm starting from the bottom up .... yeah Sunshine Girl! She finished that off perfectly! She is a very quick study and did a fantastic job. A zig zag is a great idea for this cab with that pattern in the glass. That will be great, and she'll have her first cab done by here start to finish! Please post when she's done as I would love to see how it comes together!!

Ok as for your denim. Well you know I LOVE denim, and even better in cuff! This Folk Art style is so very you and then all those buttons - double you! It is awesomeness, and I love your style here. Then those sweet, sweet denim swatch focals ... slipping that thin leather in to not distract turned out to be the perfect what to display those! and it looked so perfect on you! I think people may be wanting to copy this Folk Art style! it really is a fun and beautiful style!

Liz said...

You took something you didn't like and made it work for you, I love that. I have to say you are the Button Queen. I can never seem to get enough of what you do with buttons. I look at buttons and go blank. All I see are buttons. You see a world of possibilities, you have no button boundaries and that leads you into an amazing world of creation. Buttons are indeed your friend.

Oh and Sunshine Girl's cab is GORGEOUS. WOW. She did an amazing job!!!

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

What a fresh idea. Bead embroidery takes on a much less fussy, more hip look on denim. I think you need to move it up in your beady talents because that is an A++ piece. Also love the cab creations but the denim cuff is my favorite. Christine, thanks so much for hosting our challenge. You and Christine always get such a great turn-out. These are a "must-do" beading event for me!

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Meant you and Therese! But you probably figured that out! It's still early out here in AZ and my brain is not awake yet!

Bobbie said...

Christine, whether you want to admit it or not, your take on bead embroidery rocks! The buttons and the denim are a perfect frame for your touches, and the finished pieces will look great when you wear them. And Sunshine Girl won my heart with her adorable piece - the creative gene certainly carried through!

Karen Williams said...

Christine, I love that you took the idea of bead embroidery and made it your own. Rather than trying to make something that fit the 'norm', you did something totally you. Hip and cool with a funky flair.

And I think it's hilarious that Sunshine Girl is drawn to the beading stitches you avoid. Great work, and such a fun focal she chose to work with.

Thanks so much for hosting this Hop, and letting me sneak in at the last minute.



windrock studio said...

You already know how much I love denim, your work just sets that cuff off beautifully.
You & your Sunshine Girl did gorgeous pieces ... Happy Weekend!

Honey from the Bee said...

Hippie dippy and right up my alley! LovE it and the true embroidery. The sunshine girl has yummy lollypop taste. Can't wait to see it done.

Jasvanti said...

Thank you for hosting another ATTS, I really enjoy all the different stitches that you challenge us with.
I really like what did with the denim, something I will have to try later.

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Christine, Kudos to you for doing a stitch that you don't care for. Your denim cuff is great. I really like the necklace that you did also. Sunshine Girl's cab is pretty too.

LoriF said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog Christine, and thanks for including me in your hop! Good for you for persevering despite the "ugh!" and still coming up with something that looks great, and I bet really reflects your personality. I think we've all done "ugh!" and didn't get much past the start, so your tenacity is to be commended!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I commend you for completing a task that is "not your cup of tea"! I think your cuff is so the folk art aspect! And Sunshine Girl has talent, lady....the Apple does not fall far from the tree!

Lola said...

You felt the fear and dread, but you did it anyway! Good for you Christine! I had a false start with some leather I wanted to repurpose for this challenge, but it was an epic fail. I wish I had thought of denim because I really love the look of your designs! I think you and Sunshine Girl did an awesome job! Thanks so much for hosting yet another inspiring challenge. Can't wait for the next one!

Pepita said...

Hi Christine,
What an original approach to beadembroidery!!! It looks great, I specially love the cuff!
I'm really sorry for not participating this time, but I'll probably try my hand with beadembroidery this summer ... possibly taking your approach, too.

Unknown said...

What a lovely colorful bunch of pieces. The cuff is simply stunning. I love how you've done so many different variations on the bead embroidery technique.

Wendy said...

I love your different approach to bead embroidery, it looks great!

Empty nester at last said...

Great pieces! I love the denim cuff. I have tons of buttons, what cool way to use them up and old jeans! Thanks for sharing with us!

Niky Sayers said...

I love the way they you have used the buttons very cleaver and very striking, and the pendents are lovely I particularly like the way you have done the leaf!

kimmykats said...

Oh you bring a smile to my face. Love your bracelet cuff!! I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I am loving all the techniques I am learning. You and Therese have always been there to help me along the way and I love you both for your generosity. I can't wail to see what you come up with are just going to have to make my ropes....I can sit and bead embroidery all can do the rest for me!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! (I even have all the letter today)

Miss Val's Creations said...

The denim cuff is a beauty! So perfect for a casual look. I love your flower and leaf pieces. Very sweet. It looks like Sunshine Girl have your talent!

kimmykats said...

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