Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rocks Off On Hump Day

Hump Day...Happy Accident Hump Day!  This was supposed to be a smooth, thinner black rock, but once I made most of the bezel, it stopped fitting.  So I went through a whole vase full of Lake Michigan Rocks and came up with this one that fit.  I love these moon rocks (actually called Stink Stones, but I like my name better!)

I made this with seed and twin hole picasso beads.  When I bought the seed picassos, I thought I bought more than enough.  That was a month ago...and I am almost out of them. I am not sure how I am going to hang it yet.  But I wanted to do a hump day post so I didn't wait for completion.  Patience is not my virtue.  Not in the least.


Oh Those Picassos!



KJ said...

LOL Don't be silly- you have to have patience to work with seed beads. Unfortunately I understand the limits of patience as I am crappy at waiting in line.

Your moon rock is very pretty.

Unknown said...

Christine, it is beautiful, the stone doesn't look like a stink stone to me. A smooth speckled sandy river stone. Love your work!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

First up, your name for that rock is 100% better than stink stone!

This will make a beautiful necklace, as do all of your "rock transformations"!

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh do I love your moon rocks ... I still remember my first that became my "headress" piece. so much fun to make!

you are my twin when it come to patience ... I am the person that wants to tell you what I gave you before you unwrap the gift! I think I might get more excited by gifting, then actually receiving ... maybe. might need to think about that - LOL

I do just love how you bead around rocks. It is so organic and natural to you. You seem to channel it somehow ... how do you do that? I love how your bezels are custom and design for each individual rock. perfectly framing each one.

This is going to be a gorgeous focal

Liz said...

Picasso beads normally leave me feeling ambivalent. I just don't get the excitement they elicit in others. However, your use of picassos leaves me feeling appreciative and satisfied, kind of like you feel after eating a good meal. It's almost like the bezel grew as some weird form of crystal to protect the rock. Very nice!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful bead work Christine. I've never heard the term "stink stone". That sounds unpleasant! Moon is much better.