Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Life for Old Pieces

 Clearing out a former workspace at a snails pace, I have been finding a lot of jewelry that was once my Gram's.  Some are not worth keeping any longer, some will be given away, and some are disassembled and reassembled with a bit of weaving.  There was a bracelet with a lot of tiny beads glued to it.  A lot of beads were missing, but the piece had these links and clasp that were definitely worth saving.  I loved the warm brassy color of the links.  But had a color scheme in mind and decided to follow Hope's Pinning with a Purpose lead and try to get a patina.  No patina the first time around.  Nor the second.  So I decided to change my colors and appreciate the stability of these metal links.  I will be trying the patina with other metal pieces I have.  I want to see the magic!

 I debated putting pearls on each black AB square, but the girls said it was overkill and to keep it simple.  I wanted it to fit like a watch and it does.  I might add one more link, but overall...not bad!

This filigree brooch was bought at an antique store...ridiculous considering the amount of jewelry I already have  and the price tag it held, but I had to have it.  And the old man who owns the store is smitten with me and I with him and I can never walk out of there empty handed.  He doesn't haggle.  I am not much of a haggler anyway.  But he does give me a teeny discount for living local :-) 

As soon as I saw it in the display case at the store, I knew it needed a zigzag stitch.  I was going to do it in turquoise, but when I finally started working on it, it really resisted the turquoise and wanted red.  After posting a photo on Facebook of it as a work in progress, a friend asked for it.  YaY!  

I popped the pin off the back and wrapped the loop down.  The hinge that held the pin needs to be filed a bit, as it is a tad sharp.  I was hesitant to cut those parts entirely off for two reasons...first, I didn't trust myself to not botch the whole piece (and I paid too much to botch it!); and second, it is to keep a little whisper of its past life ~ on the backside where so few will ever see it.  It is good to remember what things once were.

I bought cuff links at the same time I bought the brooch (and just found cuff links on Thursday that were my Grandpa's.....sigh), as I had a vision for them too.  I paid more than I think I should have, but hopefully they will work out.  I have a simple plan for them.  I think they will be next on the table.  And after that...who knows?!  It just feels good to get a jewelry post up again :-D


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I like the warm tones of the metal in the bracelet (awesome beads, by the way), and I LOVE that clasp! Way to repurpose that filigree piece, too - beautiful! I love working with red - I do not do it nearly as often as I like.

Honey from the Bee said...

I love love love that bracelet! As you know I'm a big fan of incorporating jewelry that's not being worn any more into new pieces. These are killer and will likely be worn as is for many years to come.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Both pieces are so spectacular and elegant. I am absolutely in love with the way used those links and the clasp for the bracelet, and that deep blue - oh that is just wonderful together!

I love the length and swing to the necklace broach .... just gorgeous. And yes red!

windrock studio said...

Yes, the warm brass and that clasp are so mellow ... must of been fun to work with and that piece from the guy who's sweet on you, I totally understand, you honored it greatly.

Maryanne said...

What a great bracelet! I love those links and the filigree pin looks wonderful with the red beads. I have a lot of my mom's jewelry that I've thought I should do something with. You've inspired me to do it!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Your grandmother's bracelet is a beauty. You have given it new live so now you can enjoy it! It would go with so many outfits. Then you can pass it down to one of your girls someday. :) The brooch is gorgeous! I love that you turned the antique brooch into a necklace. It is a great find!

Wendy said...

such beautiful pieces! I love the beadwoven squares, such a lovely design. The brooch turned necklace is a great idea for using brooches!