Sunday, August 31, 2014

She Made ~ She Made : August

I'm Back!!!!!  (I hope)

Blogging in summer is not my thing.  I don't miss writing my own blog nearly as much as I miss visiting all my favorite blogs.  But, it is the way I have always lived...I am "on" 10 months out of the year and need 2 months of down time.  The perpetual school calendar mixed with spending childhood summers in a different town left me in that cycle that I am not really interested in breaking. I see as few people as possible during the summer.  I just need to empty my head for a while.  The girls keep me busier than I would like, but that is probably good for me.  On top of my usual summer reclusiveness (spell check says this is not a word.  I say "screw you spell check"), my computer died early summer.  I sent it to HP and it came back still dead, so I sent it out AGAIN.  It came back and is seemingly ok, but with several blips, so I have zero faith in this now after LOVING it for a year.  The mid-summer July post on the blog was actually written up and set to post sometime in early June, when my chromebook and I were still were still passionately involved with each other.  So at least I got to participate in the last of the CC7A posts, thanks to my against-character early finish/photos/write up.  I apologize to anyone who left comments in June and July.  I like to e-mail replies to the comments and I just gave up trying to do it on my phone.  I still may get around to you yet! 

 I told myself all summer, I would blog again in September, but when Therese suggested a She Made~She Made on the last day of August, I figured, "Close enough."  She picked these beads, though the agates she gave me are more of a mustard color.  

I had no idea what to do with the mustard agates.  They were tough beads for me to plan around.  I fondled them and kept them in my pocket for a few days.  One day, I was sorting through my rocks from Lake Michigan (the one Therese chose).  I have a lot of them.  They are called Stink Stones, but they look like the moon to me.  I found one that had a hole going all the way through.  I got so excited that I didn't have to drill or bezel and in my excitement, I spilled a container of metal findings and beads.  As I was picking them up, I saw the bell beads.  I cut them off my bell hippie pants I used to wear when I would go to the polls each November (wearing my rag wool socks and Birkenstocks).  I liked the idea of mixing the polished agates, lake stone, and metal.  So I added a few seed beads and strung and knotted it all on an orange Silk Cloud Mini from Darn Good Yarn.

(button from my Gram's stash)

Maybe I can wear this to a concert and make a little music myself when I dance :-)  I love the sound these bells make.  
Thanks for reading and for coming back and for being a part of my world.  And Thanks Therese ~ you gave me the kick I needed to get back here again :-D 


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
I am so glad that I was able to give you that kick in the pants, so to speak, LOL, to get you started again with blogging. I to have not blogged since our last CC7A post from July. I thought that I should but, just never did until now. Wow your necklace is so you I can picture you wearing this and dancing around at a concert. Your Muse was working for you on this one helping you find a stone with a hole all the way through and knocking the box of findings so you can find the bells, she is a smart one. I have those Agates along with the ones I pictured and some white and blue ones. I guess I through the Agates I used in to the SM/SM box by mistake. Oh well I will just send you the ones I have left, and the next time I will use the ones you used and you can use the ones I used. Does that make sense?
I love your necklace my friend, jingle on! Oh and I can just see you in my mind walking in to the voting place wearing you hippie garb and jingling up to the voter's booth, awesome!

windrock studio said...

Hey, welcome back and thanks for sharing your very pretty creation. Love that you used another from your Gram's stash and that you found those bells, I like the sound, too, and can see you jingling at a concert or voting place or in your kitchen or on the front porch. Looking forward to hearing about what you did on your summer vacation.

Honey from the Bee said...

I love jewelry that makes noise! This is very cool - to have memories of summers past all caught up into one piece.

Don't you love that hippie is now boho? We were ahead of our time. :-)

I've gotten out of the habit of blogging myself. Maybe as the weather changes I'll get back into it as well.

Unknown said...

I know the feeling of taking time off. I've been away from blogging for so long I don't know how to start back. But I do like reading other blogs! I love what you made and the hippy feel is right up my alley. My grand daughter is really into the 60's fashion. Remember Twiggy? She says she was born in the wrong era.

CraftyHope said...

That necklace turned out so cool. I love the hippie addition of the bells. They work so well together with the stone an beads. The composition of the necklace is way inspiring also. Excellent work, and welcome back!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Welcome back Christine. I missed you! Very hippyish necklace. The bells must sound so sweet. The rock is a really cool find. By the way, reclusiveness is an awesome word! I may just have to use that as I occasionally enjoy reclusiveness. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

Maryanne said...

Welcome back!! I've missed you these past months but I understand needing to get away! I love your necklace. It's very bohemian and I love bohemian! I'm sure you'll love wearing it and hearing those cool bells ringing!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Ha! yes, screw you spell check! that is indeed a word. I guess if Therese did give you a kick in the pants we'd hear bells - LOL I can see you dancing around making noise at a concert ... definitely you my friend, oh yes, definitely you! I got such a giggle out of you prancing up to the voting booth - bells on. Never stop being you :) I do love this necklace and that you found the perfect stone, with the perfect ready made hole to bead with. It was meant to be. So glad to see you back!!!

Unknown said...

I love to hear your stories, your necklace is fabulous I love the idea of you groving at a concert making noise and flowing with the music. I have been in a hiatus making anything, we have enjoyed the summer immensely and I just didn't seem to have time and blogging to has gone on the back burner. I am hoping that once we have a routine I can spend some time doing the things I love to play with. Loved your post!

Liz said...

So nice to see you back, with a fun post and a dangling beauty of a necklace.

LisaS said...

I am definitely getting that 60's vibe.

Hey like, cool man.
Far Out.
Sock It to Me Baby!

-don't know where that came from ;)

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Christine, Your design is very unique and creative. Good job girl. I can just hear your bells ringing as you dance.