Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Rolling Blog Hop Challenge} Therese of Therese's Treasures

A short while back, I asked some creative and inspiring women if they would like to participate in a loose kind of blog hop.  Instead of everyone posting on the same day, we will post as we get our projects done, with an end of November deadline.  I send them each a package containing vintage wooden spools like you see on the upper left of the blog (badge compliments of Hope's wonderful photography and Janet's tweaking...thanks ladies~it looks great!).  I found them while antiquing in NJ.

Therese of Therese's Treasures posted her Vintage Wooden Spools. Take a peek!

                                                    (photo from Therese's Treasures Blog)

The story she tells before she reveals her Hop piece is such a lovely and warm family story.  She grew up with a lot of love and busy, creative hands guiding her.  That explains a lot :-D
As for her spool, she seized the opportunity to try a few new techniques and she executed them so well!  This is a beautiful piece, and a really cool design with metals, stones, glass, wood, and fibers.  It has it all, Baby!  It represents what I love about Therese's work~willingness to explore something new.  Go over to Therese's Treasures to read her story and see some close ups of this piece.  What a copper beauty!

Therese and I met at some early point in my blogging life.  I am not sure exactly when but that doesn't matter.  What matters is where we have been with each other since then.  We co-host A Time To Stitch hops that focus on beadweaving stitches; we are involved in several small hops hosted by her or me or other friends; she was the first blogger I met in person on a rainy July day in 2012; and she calls me to chat about beads and life.  AND, she is my two woman She Made~She Made Monthly Challenge partner.  When we met that July day, we gave each other beads and this challenge sprung from that.  It is a lot of fun!

Therese's beadweaving skills are first rate.  Her pieces have that effortless look to them and her work is elegant and romantic.  In addition to her beadweaving, she is learning how to make fused glass cabochons.  These are colorful, beautiful pieces of art all their own.  For her birthday this year, she gifted some bloggers with her cabs so we could make something and celebrate with her in a Birthday Hop.  She is also learning Precious Metal Clay.  She does So Many Things So Well!

Here is some of her gorgeous work:

Therese's Birthday Hop piece

This is from Therese's recent 2013 birthday.  She made that glass cab then did the bead embroidery around that.  A quality piece all around~soft, curvy, romantic.  She says we will be seeing this cab again in a finished piece.  Yay!

 (photo from Therese's Treasures Blog)

Another Birthday Challenge

This is from Therese's 2012 Birthday Hop.  She sent out Golem beads and cabs and this is what she made.  The colors are just so tropical and happy :-D

 (photo from Therese's Treasures Blog)

Summer Lovin'

Therese made this necklace for a hop hosted by Amy of Amybeads.
Elegance and  Romance all the way!
Therese at her finest!

 (photo from Therese's Treasures Blog)

Illuminated by Candlelight 

Here is an embroidery piece Therese did for a challenge.  The center quartz is the base of the candle, the crystals on top are the flame, and the pearls are the light radiating from the candle.  It is an exquisite and creative bracelet.

 (photo from Therese's Treasures Blog)

By The Seashore

Therese made this piece as part of a Do Over challenge.  So much to love about this piece~organics, seed beads, turquoise howlites, beadweaving, FRINGE.

 (photo from Therese's Treasures Blog)

I am realizing just now that while I have tried to show each bloggers' diversity in skills, I picked all embroidery for Therese's feature.  I could change it, as it was totally subconscious until this very moment.  But I think I will leave it.  She is so damn good at that embroidery.  And it does show her diversity in the Objects she chooses to embroider:  her own glass cabs, clay cab, metal, quartz, shell.
I think we should all send Therese something to embroider around and see what she does with them!

Thank you, Therese ~ for always being a fun, loving, easy, caring friend and partner.  You are generous with your time and goods.  I always look forward to your company and your pushes.  You have opened my eyes to new stitches and challenges and people.  I do appreciate your commitment to this Rolling Hop and I appreciate You.


Therese's Treasures said...

Oh Christine you make me blush! Thank you so much for all the nice things you said about me. It is such a pleasure for me to work with you in so many events. I so enjoyed the day that we met and look forward to the day we can get together again. I do love to do bead embroidery and it seems to be what I gravitate to these days, It is my form of free form.

Liz said...

Elegant and romantic. That is the perfect description!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Therese's piece was just so warm and lovely with so much meaning from the creative women in her life! And this is a great tribute to all the gorgeous bead weaving Therese does so seemingly effortlessly!

You guys do have such a wonderful friendship, and the beads brought you together. Bead on my friends, bead on!

windrock studio said...

So much beauty! Thanks for sharing Therese's creations and your very sweet connection.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Therese's work is beautiful. I really love that Summer Lovin' piece. Her bead work is the perfect complement to that focal piece.

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I had to wait to get on to my PC to comment! :) Isn't her creation FABULOUS!!! I just love everything Therese does - but the addition of the metal to that spool is so friggin' awesome!

Love to read about your friendship as well! :)

Maryanne said...

I'm so late commenting on Therese's necklace. Christmas coming too fast! But, I agree with everything you said about Therese and her work. Her back story on this necklace is so loving and warm. I love what she did with the spool, adding the etched metal is such a brilliant touch!
Keep warm and enjoy winter!!

CraftyHope said...

Therese made an awesome piece with her spool and your tribute to her is so well-said! I think I would probably pick all of her bead-embroidery pieces subconsciously as well. She really shines in that medium.