Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday's Thing*

My house is itty bitty and only has one bathroom but it has a front porch, so that is all that really matters to me.

Manhattans, coffee, guacamole, ice cream, red red wine, pancakes, beading, reading, deep conversations, funny stories, long deep silences, The Bug practicing her is all so much better on the front porch. 

When I was growing up, my family had a summer bungalow with a fantastic screened in front porch, 8 rocking chairs, a glider and a chaise lounge.  The perfect time on that porch was in the rain with a book.  I would rock for hours and read and listen to the rain.  But really, any time was the perfect time when I was on that porch.  The back porch was screened in as well and had a huge table with benches.  I am not sure how many people we could cram around that table.  It seemed like it extended and shrunk according to how many people were there.  It had a door to the kitchen, and a great serving window to the kitchen.  My bedroom had a window which opened onto the back porch...most convenient since there was a bed on the porch too and my boyfriends would sleep on it when they were staying over.  I could go on about that house and those porches, but it is a tender subject for me and I have a lot to get done today, so I do not want to get too emotional right now.

When I first heard this song in the early 90s,  it instantly took me to the front porch I grew up on.  It is still a favorite of mine.  Oh know how to do it for me ;-)

And during the winter months, when porch season seems so. far. away., I listen to this exact version while I make dinner and sing it LOUD.  Lyle's co-writer on this one, REK, has a totally different take on the same exact song.  And it is the version I need when the weather is 20degrees, snow and, lighthearted, pickin' and grinnin'.

What is your favorite, comforting place in your house, or houses or your past?

*Appreciate what you have.  Want for less...unless it is beads or music.


Unknown said...

I went to my blog reader today after being away for so long and your post was the first one I saw. How beautiful your tiny house is and the porch especially. What a great place to hang out and enjoy family time or any time. I just cleaned off and set up chairs and a table on my porch which is quite similar. Last night we all sat out there while a storm was brewing and had to cuddle under blankets. Those are the times we remember!

AntiquityTravelers said...

yeah! finally I see your house :) it looks sweet and cozy ... but that porch is killer. wish we had one on the house - we've just got the one up at camp. but I love that one - it is a large screened in porch with rockers. that is the way to go! digg'n the picking by Lyle .. great song. I can see why it is a fav. hmmm... favorite spot. Porch at camp, our couch in SF in front of the picture window with the sun streaming in and a small window that let in the breeze and sound of the birds. I don't think I have one in our current house

Gloria said...

Somedays the right post comes along to fit in the little space where sentimentalism and hope have placed an empty chair. Today is the day and your post fits just right. It's something about the moody weather, the temps, and rain. I thank you for this, and that great acoustic guitar song from Lyle.

My favorite place in the houses- by the fireplace, in the corner bedroom listening to the chorus of birds, at the kitchen table looking out over the trees, on the wooden swing outside, ...

Chris, hope you have a great summer and enjoy that porch every day!

Gloria ♥

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Oh...I am so envious of your porch! We had a small screened in porch growing up in Chicago...I loved that porch! Now, I have a deck with an attached, screened in Gazebo. I hate the deck because even with the umbrella up, it is just too damn hot! But my tiny gazebo has shade, a fan, and a rattan rocker. I drink my morning coffee in that gazebo 365 days a year. Pure peace!

windrock studio said...

Such a perfect home & porch, I can see why you love it so much. I agree with Katherine that it would be perfect cuddled under blankets sheltered from storms ... I miss having a front porch right now.
But I can still enjoy lots of Lyle anytime!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Your house is adorable Christine! I always wanted a front porch like you have. It looks like the perfect place to sit outside no matter what is falling from the sky! I loved hearing the 2 versions of Front Porch. It is so cool how artists can make a song sound totally different. I hope this summer is perfect for enjoying this outdoor space!

Honey from the Bee said...

I love that you have a front porch and that you USE your front porch! Sometimes in CA they'll have what looks to be on, but in reality it's just for looks. Everyone lives in their fenced back yards. My favorite front porch was on my grandparent's old home in NY. They had a couple rockers and I loved sitting and watching the little traffic that did go by and read. Ya took me back gal!


That is a lovely front porch, and your home looks so pretty and cozy. We don't have houses like that here, so I can only look at yours and imagine the serenity of hanging out there with loved ones, playing Monopoly and of course, drinking iced tea!