Sunday, December 30, 2012

She Made~She Made~She Made December

Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season!  Thanks for taking the time to visit this month's She Made~She made.  This month we are adding another person so it is a triple "She Made".   Yay!!!  Alicia from All the Pretty Things is joining Therese and I.  When you are done here, go take a look and see what goodies you will find at All the Pretty Things and at Therese's Treasures.  Look here to see Therese's pick for December's Challenge.  Therese and I will be working with a glass focal and square beads.  Therese and Alicia will be using some GORgeous teal glass beads.  I cannot wait to see what they do with those beauties! 

Here is what I made.  I am reading "Woody Guthrie : A Life" by Joe Klein and I think I was channeling the whole vibe of the book when I went with the stripped down feel and the muted colors.  Simple.  And I like it...a lot :-)  Though there was nothing simple about Woody.  But that might be better left to another blog post! 

Therese gifted me with this Juls Studio Gorgeous Glass Bead.  I had so many elaborate plans to weave and fringe and ripple and bling and it all is in the ever-growing pile of projects that just didn't work.  I made this long enough to slip over the head and on one side I used a matte olive rose drop bead and the other side matte olive rose seed beads.  I put some gorgeous Swarovski crystal donut beads in there.  I love blending earthy with shine.  I think they really compliment each other.  I balanced it so that the focal is across from a double of the crystals, as seen below. 

And here it is one more time.

Therese also picked these square beads.  I added green freshwater pearls and some seed beads and made this bracelet. 

That is what I have for this to see what Therese and Alicia made!
~See You All in the New Year~


Alicia said...

Christine, besides being thankful for being invited this month to join you and Therese - I am, as usual, in love with your work!

I love both your pieces - you're absolutely right about blending shine with earthy: the necklace has such a beautiful feel!

The colours and mix on the bracelet are so refreshing: a casual yet elegant wear!

Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year - and looking forward to admiring more of your work in the New Year!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Gorgeous necklace - I LOVE the peanut beads with the focal and the crystals - very nice look going on! I ADORE that bracelet with the square beads and your awesome weaving - lovely (as usual!) Happy New Year!!!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Wow Christine,
I love what you made with the glass bead from Studio Juls it is beautiful and is uniquely you. I love the bracelet also it is gorgeous. I am still working on mine just started last night so I will post later today, or post what I have done so far and then the finished pieces when done. I do apologize for being late, please forgive me.
I hope all is going well with you and that you and your family are enjoying the Holiday season.
Happy New Year,

AntiquityTravelers said...

oooh! first, loving that book ... :) and I can see why it inspired you! what a great piece! those beads are wonderful and I like the asymmetrical look to it - it really works! The bracelet is so sweet, but you always do just the perfect thing with your bracelets!!

Bobbie said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty -- they look elegantly simple, but there's so much nice detail in them!

Unknown said...

Christine such a pretty piece! I am all about long these days and you did an amazing job and the colors are gorgeous! Hope all is well! Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

I love the long necklace. Sometimes simple is elegant and you achieved that. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful job Christine! I love the delicate look fo the necklace. The book backdrop is fabulous. Happy New Year!

Karen Williams said...

What a great reminder that sometimes simplicity is truly the right way to go. I know with my own work that I'm always striving for 'more'. But your necklace works so beautifully just as it is. Thanks for sharing!

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