Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Time To Stitch 2 Blog Hop

The day has arrived!  We are here to show our stitches for  A Time To Stitch 2 : Right Angle Weave and St. Petersburg.  Therese and I were thrilled with the response for this one.  Thank you, Ladies, for signing up and meeting the challenge.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :-)
Unfortunately, Shannon was unable to participate.  We will really miss her.  Her work is beyond wonderful!  Please take a look at her blog and see for yourself.  We hope she will be able to join us again soon. 

Nikki Byers signed up for the hop but doesn't have a blog ( but her Etsy site is here ) so I am posting her pictures for her.  It was her first time doing these stitches and she did a great job!  I love her color choices.

And now for the bane of my weaving existence...Right Angle Weave.  Therese suggested that it be one of the stitches for this Challenge.  I knew it had to be.  It was the only way for me to finally learn it.  It has been a constant source of frustration for the past 6 years.  I cannot do it, no matter how hard I try.  So this time, I buckled down and tried even HARDER.  And whaddaya know? With the help of Karen William's tutorial, I did it!  Not great and not at all fancy.  Just basic, straight on RAW.  But I did it.  YAY.  Not sure if I will ever make it my "go-to" stitch, but at least now I won't ignore patterns that use it.  Here is what I made:

                                   My First Attempt   (focal bead by Marsha Neal)

                                              Second Attempt


Now onto St. Petersburg...I took a class it it once.  Sally taught it probably 4 years ago.  I did ok with it, but never tried it again until this hop.  Don't know why I left it for so long, because I found out that I love it!!! Maybe now I will finish the necklace I started way back when.  But for now, some new items:

                          First Attempt, with Peanut Bead center, Square Bead branches, Seed Bead ends.

               Second Attempt, with Twin Hole center, Seed Bead Branches, Fire Polish Round ends.

Third and most Favorite Bracelet Attempt.  LOVE the Colors!!!  LOVE!!!  Simple beading, but the right colors make the look!

Last, but certainly not least, St. Petersburg bezel around the cabochon.  Oh.  Yeah.
This absolutely gorgeous cab is from Erin at Elysian Studios .  She has many more cabs and other beautiful components on her Etsy Site, Elysian Art A La Carte. Go check it out!  I have my eye on a few more cabs and a couple colors of Gypsy Trade Beads too :-) 

You have been here long enough.  Please go see what all the participants made.  I know I cannot wait to start hopping!  
Thanks so much for stopping by :-D

Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller 
Nikki Byers 
Kristen Stevens 
Shirley Moore 
Cynthia Machata

***Come Back Tuesday for She Made~She Made
***Thursday's Thing will be back next week


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Wow! Look at all of that beautiful bead weaving! If I ever get through November (I have 3 shows coming up) I am going to make myself sit down with a bead weaving book and a needle...your creations are beautiful! I have to tell you - the last picture is my favorite!

Sweet Freedom said...

Everything looks great (of course!) - Never fear the RAW!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for co-hosting this challenge with me. It is always a joy working with you. So any thoughts on the next two stitches? LOL. Nikki did a wonderful job on her two pieces it is hard to believe that this was her first time with these two stitches I love the bracelet are those twins in the middle? The necklace is so pretty I love the color combo.
Your pieces I love and I am so glad that RAW clicked with you, because these beautiful pieces would not be in this world if it had not. Your St. Petersburg pieces are gorgeous and I agree with you that the colors in the second twin bracelet are beautiful together. I was wondering about the bezel around the cab when I first saw it in your other post, now I know it is St. Petersburg with twins. I will be giving this a try for sure. Well off to see what all of our lovely participants have created.
BIG HUG Girlfriend,

AntiquityTravelers said...

Holy Smokes! When you bead you really go to town!! Yeah you for doing RAW-- and such great pieces!!

But I'm LOVING your St Pete's -- all of them! brilliant to use double hole beads-- what a great idea! I've got to try that. And your color choices are gorgeous ... but then you go and do a cab too?! that one is STUNNING! and yes I like your 'Buddha Frog' styly'n it ... I can just hear him saying "so many questions grasshopper"

Miss Val's Creations said...

Good job!!! Everything is so pretty! My favorite is the copper tone bracelet. It is so perfect for Fall.

Maryanne said...

I love your pieces, Christine! RAW isn't my go-to stitch but once you learn it it does lend itself to a lot of designs. I love the St. Petersburg bezel. What a great idea. All your pieces are lovely.

Unknown said...

You totally need to teach me the cab effect!! I love that you used twins too. They are becoming my all time favorite accent bead! Thank you so much for including me in this. It was so much fun and I hope to be here with you next time too!

kimmykats said...

Christine, I too would be going along and just forget what I was supposed to do next on the RAW...hubby got used to my arm coming across the car as I once again ripped out! Love your colors and the St Pete stitch is one I really should have tried but I kept getting distracted!! Absolutely love the frog!! thanks again for helping me learn another stitch!!

Amy S. said...

I keep visiting blogs and saying WOW! All your pieces are wonderful. I"m particularly taken with your second attempt RAW bracelet (simple, lacy, elegant, wonderful), and your favorite St. Pete bracelet. LOVE it. And BEZELING WITH ST. PETERSBURG!! AMAZING! That just blew me away!

Unknown said...

Ok, let me just give Niki a shout out, cause I would never guess she had not done the stitches before. Her pieces are wonderful.
I know exactly what you mean about RAW. My breakthrough actually came with CRAW, and then I figured out RAW. I know, crazy. I am so very thrilled with all your pieces, especially the twin bead ones. And my mouth was just dropped open when I saw the bezel. You are such a creative talent woman! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge. I hope you two keep this up!

Bits of Learning said...

Nikki's pieces are beautiful! I'm in love with the lime green necklace. Beautiful work!!

Christine! Beautifully done! I can see that the RAW pattern clicked with you! Your pieces are wonderful!! As for the St. Pete stitches I'm smitten with the third attempt (the colors!) and the St Pete around the cab! Gorgeous!!!
Thank you so much for co hosting this swap!! I can't wait to see the next stitches!

Marla said...

Thanks again for hosting this and also sharing your post with Nikki! How kind you are! I love all the pieces showcased so wonderfully here! I have got to learn how to do that bezel with the twins....please please share lol. I hope you are well! <3

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

I love your pieces but that Cab is AMAZING!! I am going to have to try that, I just love it. Thanks for hosting this blog, it was such fun.

Tanya said...

Those are gorgeous. I love that second RAW bracelet. There's something about sparkle that just draws me in. :) Your St. Petersburg bracelets are awesome, but I am in awe of your bezel. That is something I will definitely be trying. :)

Tanya said...

I forgot to mention that Nikki's pieces are wonderful. I love her colors as well and she did a great job. I would never have thought this was her first attempt at these stitches.

Unknown said...

Yay for Nikki - she did awesome for first time around. As for what you did Christine - Wow! I am amazed by your talent too. I love everything but the first bracelet especially - and the focal bead is really cool. I also fell in love with the last St. Pete bezel. Oh my goodness that is beauty...full! Good work and thanks for hosting this!

Karin Slaton said...

I've never seen a St. Petersburg bezel before, and now that I've been stopped in my tracks by yours, I must try one myself. Just perfect - beautiful beadwork on all your pieces! I have a pack of twin beads on my bead table, and now I know exactly what to do with them!

LisaS said...

Hey Christine, Everything turned out great. I really love all your pieces! Especially that bezel work -just gorgeous. And I love all the variations in beads and colors you used on the St Petersburg stitch. Just awesome!

Honey from the Bee said...

omg! st. Petersburg bezel!? It's lovely! I'm going to have to try that stitch. It's one I've NEVER done. The bracelet in the same colors is my favorite, too. That's a set of colors I could wear every day.

Off to ck out some others!

Bobbie said...

Ooh, ooh, oooooohhhhh!! The pieces just got better and better as I scrolled the RAW with the tilas (they work so well for that stitch!), but the last bracelet and the bezel with the St. Petersburg are just FABULOUS!

Dawn Doucette said...

Christine... I LOVE the St. Petersburg around the cab! Your bracelets are all beautiful, but the necklace really speaks to me!

Great job on the hop! Lots of great artisans participating!!

LisaS said...

Hi again, forgot to mention Nicki's work which looks great. Can hardly believe she is new to these stitches ;)

Karen Williams said...

What fun! You are too kind - but I am so glad you found my instructions useful! And I had to smile at the freeform beading around your bracelet's focal. Love it!

And your beaded cab is lovely!

Kudos to Nikki, too!

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous! How did you do that st pete bezel?? That is really awesome looking. Where were you around 5:00 AM? I had to come back now to see your stuff! I love RAW!! Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

PS - Nicky I love your designs too! Especially your RAW, Ravens colors! Yeah!

Sarah Sequins said...

Thanks for hosting the hop, Christine!

Wonderful work, both of you -- and how nice that you're featuring Nikki's work on your blog so she can join in. :)

I'm amazed by that bezel. It's awesome!

windrock studio said...

I am very late to this party but, my goodness, what beauty was awaiting me!
Christine, your third bracelet and your most favorite is my most favorite, too. All such wonderful work, good job on the hop!

Alicia said...

Oh, WOW, Christine!
First - let me thank you and Therese for hosting this event: I had so much fun and couldn't stop beading :)
Nikki's pieces are lovely, the colours are gorgeous (I like her St. Pete's necklace, it looks like a lush spring garden grass).
Now onto your pieces - I will say it again: WOW! They are all goregous - but that last piece, on the cabouchon is incredible, I am looking for cabouchons now :)
Both you and Therese are a true inspiration!

KJ said...

Good job. What I learned about RAW when using seed beads, use Czech beads- they are forgiving and nestle together well.

Your bezel is fabulous.

Elysian Studios said...

Oh WOW!! I love the St. Petersburg stitch pieces- especially the bracelet with the red bead center- stunning! I also love the bracelet you made to go with your necklace!! I agree- those colors are just elegant and gorgeous together! Of course, your necklace steals my heart, and I love the picture of it on the meditating frog! ZEN-tastic! xoxo

Lola said...

I am so glad you and Therese hosted this challenge because it pushed me to try the St. Petersburg stitch -- a stitch that looked far too complicated. Guess what? I loved it, and it was actually surprisingly easy to learn! Seeing what everyone created through this hop, makes me realize all the incredible possibilities. All of your pieces are beautiful, but that cab bezel you created is stunning! I can't wait to try something like that on my own.

Pepita said...

Hi, Christine! Thank you again for the opportunity to join the "club" of beadweavers, it was such a fun jouney that I'll certainly keep learning and working!
Your pieces are beautiful, I specially like the use of twin beads and the last piece is my favourite.

Andra said...

Christine, Thanks for letting me be part of the Hop. Your bracelets are beautiful. I really love the bracelets with the tila beads. I have some of them and just really need to play with them.

Again thank you for hosting the Hop! It has been wonderful fun. I am looking forward to the next one!