Monday, July 9, 2012

~*~ Kreativ Blogger ~*~

Look at what Therese gave me and 9 other bloggers :-D 
She is such a sweetie!  She always has a kind word to say and is a comfort and I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with her and also to be her co-host for our Time to Stitch Blog Hop.  And it is looking to be a continuing partnership so stay tuned! 
To see Therese's Beady Goodness check out her blog ~ Therese's Treasures ~ and while you are there and ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over her weaving skills, take a look at the other women she passed the award on to.  Spreading the love...that is what women do.  We are quick to point out other's talents and offerings and to offer kindness and support in when the going is good and when the going is rough. 

The Award Rules are simple:
~ Post a link to the person who awarded you.
~ Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
~ Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know
Hmmm...7 things about me...let me ponder this for a few minutes and try not to repeat the ones I posted for the Lovely Blog post last year.....
1.  I went to the Gemological Institute of America and got my Graduate Gemologist degree (after an Anthropology degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder).   I worked in jewelry sales when I got out, selling jewelry made with diamonds & emeralds & rubies, etc but my heart has always been with beads and affordable jewelry.  I quit when my kids were born.  I won't go back to those kind of sales.  I am following  my heart from now on, not my wallet.  

2.  I grew up on a Lake.  The water is in my blood.  I love to be on, in, or along side water as much as possible.  I like lakes and ponds for kayaking and swimming and fishing, rivers for collecting rocks, and the ocean in late fall-winter-early spring.
3.  I have been fishing my whole life.  I still do not take my own fish off the hook.  
4.  I had been a vegetarian for 2 years when I met my husband.  He is a hunter.  It was a tough decision.  
5.  I have had a fairly unhealthy lust for van Gogh since I was 2 years old.  The library in my home town would let us check out framed prints like we do books.  I was 2 when my mom let me start doing this.  I picked a van Gogh every time.  And would start again when I had gone though them all.  Nothing has changed.  I think I was his lover in a former life.  That doesn't speak too well of  my character back then, I am sure, but c'est la vie!  
6.  I do my absolute best to buy my milk & ice cream at the local dairy, apples at the local orchard, honey and maple syrup from locals, shop at farmer's market and farm stands from June through November, buy all my veggie and herb plants from a local greenhouse, shop for gifts at local handmade shops, and not go to chain restaurants. 
7.  My Gram on my Mom's side and my Grandpa on my Dad's side were the people I was closest too.  They understood me and never tried to get me to "fit in" and just let me be me and let me know I was just fine.  I would always see if they were available to go do something first, and if they weren't then I would call my friends.  I miss them every single day.  And I still am learning from them.  
And now onto spreading the Blog Love! 
 It will be quite hard narrowing it down to 10, but I will try.  Nope, adding 3 more.  A list of Lucky 13!

1.  Erin at Elysian Studios  ~ I cannot say enough about Erin and how much she means to me.  She is a friend and confidant.  She is freakin' funny!  She is such a gift to me in this world.  And she is a phenomenal artist...painting, jewelry, photography, name it, she does it and does it better than anyone I know.

2.  Karen at Baublicious (and Skunk Hill Studio) ~ Freeform Extraordinaire!!!  Karen blows me away with her freeform peyote and her random RAW and her beaded beads and her generosity and kindness.  Her instructions are easy to follow and her creativity is endless.  
3.  Susan at Windrock Studio ~ Susan...oh I love it at her place.  She captures her world though her camera and you really feel like you are there with her, walking down the street or sitting beside the creek.  And when she posts pictures of her purses, that is an extra special treat!  They are beautiful and lush and can feel them though the pictures!   

4. Penny at Copper Penny ~ Penny is a favorite stop of mine when I visit blogs!  I love her jewelry designs.  I love her color choices.  And I love the honesty she possesses when she writes.  She is a support and a comfort and a penpal :-) 
5.  Marla at Spice Box Designs ~ Marla is one of those people that I knew I wanted to keep up with the first time I came into contact with her.  She is so warm and kind and she is a top notch beadweaver.  And her Spice Box name was inspired from Leonard Cohen so she has to be great :-) 
6.  Bobbie at Beadsong Jewelry ~ Talk about a beadweaver's paradise!  Bobbie always post absolutely wonderful woven creations that make me drool and leave me not knowing the right words to say.  I love stopping at Bobbie's when I can.  She has a great sense of humor too!  
7.  Kim at kimmykats ~ I initially loved going to Kim's blog to see what creations she was making with silverware.  She has a style I love and admire.  And I love her color choices.  Then she started beadweaving a bit.  She is doing so well with it and I can't wait to see where she will take it!  
8.  Hope at Crafty Hope  ~ Who doesn't love stopping by at Hope's?!  And if you don't know what I am talking about, get on over there!  Hope is talented and funny and inspires me to be more organized.  I love seeing her thrift store finds and how she creatively uses them, her menu plans, her lists of resolutions and how she is doing with them, and her photos.  Hope is a ray of sunshine in my day!  

9.  Janet at Honey From the Bee ~ Janet is lovely...her jewelry, her photos, her informative posts...just lovely.  I love her style and comments on comments :-)  And I love her pins on pinterest.  Truly the best pins of any pinner I know!  

10.  Mandy at Beads for Brains ~ Mandy!!!  Always worth the stop...she is funny, has great links to tutorials, and is an extremely talented lady.  I am hoping to meet her one day since we are in the same state. 
11. Katherine at Terra Beadworks ~  I am a new follower of Katherine's site...there is so much to see of the Rockies, freeform peyote, gorgeous jewelry, and many kind words :-)  

12.  Sweet Freedom ~ Go!  Now!  She is an uber talent and funny!!!  I love stopping here!!!

13.  Sally at The Studio Sublime ~ no list would be complete without mentioning Sally and the push she gave me to be here in the blogosphere.  We met in weaving class, continued to take weaving classes at the same time from the same instructor, taught at the same place and made it out of that situation without getting poisoned, did arts and craft shows together, and she has tried to teach me wire and metal work (but I am done with that now.  i will leave that to her ;-)  ).  She is a fast  learner, a talented jewelry maker, and a beautiful photographer.  

Honorable Mentions:

go over to will be glad you did...nothing dirty, just wonderful and quirky cabins from all over the world.
freakin' cracks me up!!!

Enjoy looking at some of the Sites.  


AntiquityTravelers said...

Christine! so well deserved! It is so fun hearing everyone send this award around and compliment all these wonderful beaders, artists, photographers, creative minds! A few new ones for me on your list and can't wait to stop by their blogs!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh and I LOVED finding out more about you! I didn't know you and Sally took classes together - how would that be?! I would love to live near my beady blogger clan :)

Unknown said...

You DO deserve this award and it is nice to know more about you. I am humbled that you included my little blog in your list. Oh how I want to grow better someday. So much to do - so little time. I think kindness speaks louder than anything and that is what you are - a kind and caring person. You always have a nice word for others.

Therese's Treasures said...

Thank you Christine for all your kind words. You will always be a part of my top picks. I know most of the blogs you chose and the few I don't I will visit. Congratulations to all of your picks they are all deserving.

Bobbie said...

Your blog is a bright spot in my day -- it's always a treat when you post your beautiful jewelry with your great sense of humor to accompany it. You inspire me every time. And I am absolutely gobsmacked to be included in your list. (Can you feel the long distance hugs I'm sending?) Thanks!!!

windrock studio said...

Well, how fun is this?! I loved reading this list about you, I thought #3 then #4 were my favs but #7 surely won my heart.
That's a very lovely award and such nice things you had to say, you always do, about your blogging buddies ~ I'm thrilled to be included in your circle!

Karen Williams said...

Congratulations Christine! You definitely deserve it - your blog never fails to brighten my say. And I'm tickled to death to be on you list - thank you!

Loved reading about you and I have to say I'm really jealous of your childhood library. How cool is that to loan out prints! What a great way to introduce people to the masters!

kimmykats said...

Christine I knew you were amazing but, now I am in awe!! You always bring a smile to my face and have always encouraged me to keep at those "flying missiles". Thank you for your kind words and all the knowledge you have passed on.

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

This post was a joy to read...and I will be increasing my blog-reading list, thanks to you!

CraftyHope said...

I JUST saw this post (dang it's taking me a while to catch up on my blog-reading).
Thank you SO MUCH for the award. I really liked hearing more about you. I'm a water girl too and prefer not to take my fish off the hook either. I stick to crabbing when I can. I aspire to shop like you. . .locally, but can be a bit impatient about when I want to do my shopping so it often doesn't work out for me. But, I may try harder now :)

Gloria said...

I love that you are truly following your heart with your jewelry and hearing of your lust for Van Gogh made me smile.

Thanks for the visit, I'm on your GFC now. Cynthia is terrific, glad to have met you via her and her blog ♥

P.S. NJ isn't under my feet, but it's still in my heart.