Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What the Wednesday?!?

Beading around the Cab.
Most Beadweavers do it.
I tried in once a few years back...and left it in the unfinished pile.

So this new year, it is one of my goals to learn it and do it well. I started with beautiful ceramic cabs, using a peyote stitch around it. I tried and tried and tried. I ran into the same problem every time of not making the peyote rounds big enough. Frustrated, I put the needle down and thought about why I want to bead around the cab. It is because I want to bead around river rocks that are too thick to drill. So I picked up some rocks, switched to a herringbone & netting technique and here are the results. The first rock is from Twin Lakes, Colorado. The second rock is from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Tell me what you think. And let us know what you are working on and if it is turing out as you had hoped.


Bits of Learning said...

Christine, these are beautiful! Some times you just need to step away to focus! Good job!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Christine, Wonderful job on both. I like how you matched up the colors of beads the the colors in the rock of the first rock from Colorado. I love the texture of the second rock from Lake Michigan and the colors of the beads around it makes it look like the sun behind the moon. I working on the Beading Babes Ravishing Rosette project it is coming along now that I have it figured out finely.

windrock studio said...

Both are beautiful! It does help, always, to step back and take a breath.
Right now I'm just making a longer strap on a bag for a lady that bought it over the weekend ... then on to more exciting things!

Elysian Studios said...

I don't think I could do that technique even on my best day, so kudos to you for making two beautiful pendants- I especially love the second one!!

Sweet Freedom said...

Those are really lovely, Christine - and from the angle of the pics, looks like peyote to me! I'd love to see a close up of the side of the bezel, to check out the stitch itself. I have only done peyote on my bezels.

Nice work!

Karen Williams said...

Nice! Beading around a cab opens up so many fun possibilities! Great job! I wouldn't have thought of using the herringbone stitch, but it worked well.