Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Oh So Lovely Surprise!

I received a package in the mail. The timing was perfect. I was feeling low. I was feeling overwhelmed. It was the tail end of a rough month. One I was glad to leave behind.
I turned the calendar over, finished up some projects that had deadlines, reopened the package and learned something new!
Karen Williams at Skunk Hill Studio send me a care package ~she thought she was just sending me beads, but she really sent me comfort~ filled with beads, an iridescent dragonfly button, instructions, a lovely note, and sea glass (i have plans for that too!). Confession time: I weave pretty much everyday and I have never learned RAW. All the classes were offered at times I could not make it and I do not learn well from written instruction. So when I saw that Karen sent me instructions for Random RAW, that warm fuzzy feeling cooled ever so slightly. But then I decided the Universe was easing me in to RAW so I embraced the project! Karen's instructions were perfectly clear and easy to follow. No problems whatsoever. I finished it late last night and am starting another one tonight. I loved the process, the lacy look, the individuality, the way tiny seed beads make such a statement, the whole feel of the bracelet in my hands. And it looks fabulous on my wrist! Thank You Karen~I greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity :-)


Karen Williams said...


No fair! You just made me cry! I am so glad you enjoyed the package, I had such fun putting them together, knowing how fun it is to open a surprise. Then of course I worried that I'd chosen the wrong things. You know how it goes!

Your bracelet is wonderful! I love its open, lacy look!

And to share a dirty little secret - random RAW is one of the easiest, most forgiving stitches out there. Once you're comfortable with the figure-8 pattern, regular right angle weave is easier too. But I'm guessing you already discovered that!

windrock studio said...

My, oh my!! What beauty and gorgeous color. Now, you know I'm not a beader so no clue of RAW but I am certain that you did a terrific job, this bracelet is so pretty ~ and that friend is pretty terrific, too, for sending you such a thoughtful gift with instructions!
Wear this proudly, girl!