Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of Kindness and Passion and Plain Ol' Good Heartedness

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I finally made our pilgrimage to Earth and Wears, Lyn Carey's shop at 68 Main Street in Dallas, PA. Lyn makes beautiful pottery and ceramic jewelry. I am a very proud wearer of one of her pieces I fell in love with last year. See me and the Gorgeous Necklace?! She also makes really cool mugs. I really wanted to buy one, but if I came home with one more mug, the Bird Man I live with would change the locks. He doesn't understand when I pick a mug to drink out of based on my mood. And he doesn't understand why we bought a matching set all those years ago, if I was just going to add individual mugs to the cabinet anyway. So instead I bought oil and vinegar containers. Been looking for just the right ones for years. Who knew I would find them in Lyn's tiny shop?! And it is tiny! Teeny tiny, in fact. But you know what Grandma always said...Good Things Come in Little Packages! As small as it is, it is not cluttered and I never felt claustrophobic. Lyn's jewelry is so beautiful and earthy and very unique. Lyn has other people's pottery in her store too, all very beautiful and creative. I love seeing people's different styles side by side like that. There was other artists' handmade creations: jewelry, accessories, handbags, change purses, and beautiful journals. Sally of Wireworked gave me one of the handmade journals from Lyn's shop as a gift. She said she was drawn to it and wanted to give it to me. It is one of the most cherished gifts I own. The color and feel and size...great dreams and ideas seem possible when I hold that journal and write in it. When I walked into Lyn's shop for the first time, I had the same feeling---Greatness was all around me and I needed to take my slow time and soak it all in. Lyn welcomed my daughter with open arms and an open heart, answering all the pottery questions she had, making her feel special. The whole ride home, my Little Sunshine Girl talked non-stop about wanting to feel the clay in her hands and really create something lasting. Who knew a visit to a teeny tiny Handmade Shop could spark such a passion in us? I came home and filled the vessels with EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar. The Bird Man thought they were perfect---"Just what we needed!" he said. And he really meant it :-)


windrock studio said...

Hey Christine, what a delightful post! I checked out the clay work right away and I love her work ... and I loved seeing your beautiful face! You did good with sharing all this, I appreciate it. Hope your daughter gets a chance to get her hands muddy!

Anonymous said...

Christine! What a lovely post, so beautifully written! I own one of her mugs, almost identical to the one in the photo and love it! The way handcrafted inspires is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine,
Your smile is awesome! Thanks for sharing some of her beautiful work... WOW. I love it.
Take care!

Lyn said...

I am incredibly speechless from Christine's sweet, kind, thoughtful, beautifully written words. Besides the incredibly talented artisans whose work I am surrounded by in the shop, it's people like Christine and her daughter who make it all worthwhile. This article absolutely brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile across my face. Thank-you :)

Anonymous said...

OMGosh Christine, I just realized I live about an hour from Dallas, PA is that where you live? My parents are in Shrewsbury, but I think they go to church in Dallas. You must tell me all the interesting shops and antique stores up there!