Friday, April 1, 2011


Sally tries really hard to teach me wire. The problem is me, not her. If you check out her blog (see sidebar: Wireworked), you will see what a beautiful and creative jewelry artist she is; and she is a great teacher, as her sold out classes prove. The problem is clearly me. The center pendant in this picture, I made back in the fall. I decided I would take what I learned in Sally's recent wire class and in the freedom of my own home, with no one watching, I would wow myself by making a ring to wear on my right hand. Well, the wire disc you see in this picture is my "ring". After a few days passed, I licked my wounds and used it to make this pendant. I made a couple more yesterday, after putting the first one out of my mind for several months. My family (aka: my biggest critics) love them, much to my surprise. My oldest did give me a few suggestions as to how to tweak it to make it better. I will try her suggestions in the next round and see how it looks. Not sure if these are winners or not. Just putting them out there.


Anonymous said...

You are doing fine with your wire working and these prove it! I just love the name "Haywire"! Very pretty!!

Unknown said...

I agree with Sally. Love the name. And the idea to use your "rings" in this way is genius. Proof that mistakes are just additional learning opportunities. My fav is the center one. IMHO, the wire works best with the beading. Good work!

Christine Altmiller said...

Thanx you guys :-) i like the center one the best too. once i put them side by side, i realized it was a lot smaller than the other two. it made a big difference. it didn't look so forced.