Monday, June 19, 2017

One Year and Two Days

This is not the most exciting picture I will ever post, nor is it a piece of jewelry to oooh and ahhh over.  It is color and design.
A year ago this past weekend, on June 17, 2016 I packed for a Maine vacation.  I was exhausted and worried I wouldn't sleep.  The night before a trip is always a sleepless night.  BirdMan was next to me in bed, watching a movie, passing in and out of sleep.  I got the beads out and beaded this dainty little zigzag stitch right onto my wrist.  No clasp, no beginning, no end.  He didn't even know I was weaving until I sparked the lighter to burn the thread ends a bit.  I figured it would last for the week we were in Maine and fall off, but nope.  Then late August came and we moved The Bug to college and I knew it would break off that day, as we loaded and unloaded a seemingly endless truckload of boxes.  I had a premonition that she would find it in the stairwell and use it as a bookmark.  But when we arrived home that night, it was still on my wrist.  Once September 17th rolled around, I couldn't believe the C-Lon thread endured a whole season of chlorine pools, freshwater glacial lakes, the salty Atlantic Ocean, and lots and lots of sunshine.  And I started to mildly mourn, as I knew the end must be near and I would no longer see it on my wrist.  But months passed.  And on the 17th of each month, Sunshine Girl would tell me that if it lasted a year, I had to do a blog post about it.  So Here We Are ~ Me, Miyuki Seed Beads, and C-Lon Thread ~ One Year Later.  A few times over the past year, I said, "If I knew it was going to last so long, I would have made something fancier or used red or black and gold or something with a bit of punch to it."  Sunshine Girl insisted it was the perfect color and the perfect stitch and nicely understated for everyday wear.  The beads and the C-Lon look as good as they did the night I  made it.  No wear, no stretch, no fray, no discoloration.  I wonder if the end is near or if I will be writing a two year post?

Quickie Nighttime Cell Phone Photo


windrock studio said...

I agree with Sunshine Girl, it is perfect and I really love things that last. How amazing that you made it right on your wrist, in bed!

Liz E said...

I think C-Lon needs to give you a bunch of free product and put your testimonial on their thread. Maybe I'll do one around my ankle, something simple and sweet, just like yours. See how long it lasts. That would make a fun blog hop, actually -- the stories of woven on jewelry and the journey from start to "end". I put end in quotations because you envisioned once the bracelet fell off it would not really be the end, it would simply be the beginning of a different phase. I love your post, the bracelet and the story!

AntiquityTravelers said...

I loved this bracelet from the first time I saw it. Simple, pretty plum color, wearable everyday .... in a favor zig zag stitch. What is not to love about it! I can't believe you, it are still going strong 1 year later! I'm kinda hoping for year 2 blog post :)

CraftyHope said...

It is indeed perfect. I'm glad you wrote a post about it. Sometimes those little, everyday things are really more interesting than the 'big' things. And the color and style are ideal (much better than the dang ponytail holders I have littered on my wrists.)

Jasvanti Patel said...

I love the simplicity of it.
Good to know that C-Lon lasts a long time.