Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blue Goldstone Blog Hop and The CC7A Circles of Love Blog Hop

Two Blog Hops in one day ~ we are busy beaders!

Liz of Bead Contagion is hosting the Blue Goldstone Blog Hop.  As soon as I read about the sign ups, I had to be in on it.  I saw two things in these Blue Goldstone donuts ~ one was my lover van Gogh and the other was a magical Fall night with my husband on my parents' lake.  When the beads arrived, I gave Vincent the boot and went with the husband.  Here is a quote by me that I posted on Facebook that September 26, 2014 night :
                      Tonight is kissed by magic...the lake is like glass, the sky is so full of stars and they are all reflecting off the water.  It looks like the stars are coming up from the bottom of the lake.  Bliss.....

So now you know what influenced this necklace.  It was a b**** to photograph, but I did my best.  I deeply love this piece.  Thank you Liz.  Without you, this would have never happened.

In the chain are drops of water, ripples, and waves.  

Look at the sparkle in these Blue Goldstones! 

The whole necklace had the flow of the Lake in it ~ water, waves, ripples, the stars dancing on the water ~ IN the water ~ but it lacked water sounds.  So I had these three smaller donuts lap up against the bigger donut.  

Please go see all the participants in this hop ~ I cannot wait to run around and see what they made!

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The other Hop I am in today is a kickoff to another round of small monthly hops with the Creative Continuum of Seven Artists.

Alicia of All the Pretty Things put together this group of seven last year.  At the end of the year, she wanted more and we all said, "SURE! We'll do it again!"  She sent out little Circles of Love to each of us and asked us to make something with them for a March 28th reveal (a post office mishap prevented the United States participants from getting their circles, but we rallied and here we are, ready for show and tell!).  We will meet again on the 26th of each month to reveal something we made using our own photos as inspiration.

After you are done looking at my little Circle of Love here, please go see what the rest of the CC7A made:


And now, my Circle of Love with Cherry Quartz ~

After buying those Black Matte AB squares in November, I instantly regretted it.  But when the cherry quarts came into my hands, I knew why I bought those squares.  I just didn't know it at the time!  I like the look of the squares with the circle!  

Y necklace ~ simple chain of black matte and pink beads, with a few more squares thrown in.  

All coiled up with a button closure
Thanks for coming by for both Hops today and Thank You to both Liz and Alicia for hosting :-D


JoJo said...

Great job with both pieces!!! Love what you did with the blue goldstone beads and I love the significance it has for you.

Amy S. said...

Absolutely gorgeous pieces. I must admit, I also deeply love your blue goldstone piece. Your use of ALL the donuts is amazing and done perfectly!!! Funny how this reveal had two donuts to work with. I find donuts fascinating to work with ... so many ways to deal with them, and you have a totally different look with the circle of love donut piece! Great work!!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
First the Winter Blues Hop.
I love, love, love your necklace it is gorgeous! I can really see you and your hubby sitting at the lake listening to the small waves hitting the shore and all the night sounds gazing at the stars twinkling on the water.
Now the Circles of Love.
Your necklace with the Rose Quartz doughnut is beautiful those square beads do make the doughnut pop. I love the style of the necklace too. I have not tried a Y necklace yet, but it is on my list.

Maryanne said...

Both of these necklaces are gorgeous! I just love the blue goldstone! It's fabulous! The rose quartz necklace is great. I love how you surrounded the donut with the beads! They are both so beautiful and so wearable!

Karin Slaton said...

Stars coming up from the bottom of the lake...what a beautiful image! And how cool that you've captured all the reflective qualities of the water - from inky dark, to silvery light, to clear in your necklace. Truly a magical creation!

Liz said...

Hi Christine,
The goldstone necklace is, for lack of a better word, amazing. What a vision. The motion and the sparkle lift each other up into the realm of magic. I actually feel a touch overwhelmed by it. I see lots of beautiful things, but this necklace goes beyond a mere thing of beauty into a thing of power, a presence. It’s so inspiring to me, the synergy. You took a handful of beads and made MAGIC.
I think it’s funny that it’s donut day today. I didn’t realize CC7A was donut involved. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson “Mmm . . . donuts!” Your cherry quartz Circle of Love reminds me of your button earrings, and you already know I love those. How fun :p

AntiquityTravelers said...

I absolutely love how you created the ripples in your blue goldstone necklace! And this one truly is even more beautiful in person - lucky me I got to see it! I remember the quote on Facebook, and it did so remind me of van Gogh .... which is why I chose the alternate starry night painting because it was more reflective of reflection coming up from the water! Which was the perfect description!

And you circle of love piece .... it is so dreamy how you designed this one. It feels like an old time pocket watch, and I bet it sways that way too! I love the 'round and round' beading, and just adds to the time piece look. It is as if it marks the months to our hops. Really, really lovely necklace

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Lovely my friend! The blue goldstone is stunning, and I LOVE the length of the second necklace - what a dramatic drop!

Honey from the Bee said...

I think you re-created the magic of your evening by the lake in this gorgeous necklace, Christine. Do you look at it now and wonder how it got made? I'm just guessing you let your muse take over while you... :-)

The circle of love is very cool. I think this style - long Y - is so attractive on not only tunic sweaters but sundresses, too. Not to have something close to the neck in the summer... Bellisimo!

Bobbie said...

Both pieces are, like everything that comes off your work table, beautiful. But that goldstone necklace made me catch my breath -- I absolutely saw the stars, the water, and the waves, even before I read the inspiration. Ahhhh, I love the romance and the sentimentality of this piece. I hope your sweetie sees it and knows what a special memory it symbolizes!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love how elegant the blue goldstone necklace came out! The 3 little donuts around the large one was such a neat idea for creating sound. Beautiful quote that you wrote by the way! I have always found cherry quartz to be one of the more awkward materials to work with in jewelry making due to its color. What you did is gorgeous! Those matte beads work so well with it.

Birgit said...

This is beautiful! I love the necklace and I know it must sparkle

bead addict said...

Such pretty designs. I love the blue goldstone :-)

windrock studio said...

Looks like a whole lotta love going on here ... I'm not a pink kind of girl but your circle of love lit me right up! Excellent pieces, friend.

Alicia said...

Beautiful pieces! I love how both hops happened to deal with a doughnut, and yet you created 2 such completely different pieces! Very elegant, very clever ways to 'fill' them.

Thanks for being part of the CC7A and for having so much fun! :)

Unknown said...

Aww... what a touching inspiration. The necklace turned out beautifully.

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Christine, Great job doing two hops in one day. Your blue goldstone necklace is awesome! I can see the inspiration that you wrote about in your piece. It is way cool that the necklace has so much meaning for you. I like the cherry quartz necklace too.

Jasvanti said...

Hi Christine,
I love both of your pieces.
you were a busy lady!!
hops in one day, wow.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

The black and pink is completely awesome, Christine! I buy components so often without a firm idea how I will use them, but they sure come in handy sometimes like those little squares did ;)

Love the blue goldstone design as well, very classy :)