Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists ~ July...the Finale

Today is the Seventh of Seven dates from January through July we are posting work we made with goodie bags other Bloggers sent us.  Alicia had the idea that we each send out six packages with beads or focals and on the 26th of each month we reveal what we made with a certain participant's package.
I am honored to be in this group of Seven...these ladies are a creative bunch.  
Participating in this Event and their Package Month and theme are : 

Monique of A Half-Baked Notion  :  January ~ National Gallery of Canada

Moi  :  February ~ Round and Round 

Sally of The Studio Sublime  :  March ~ Contrasting Colors

Therese of Therese's Treasures  :  April ~ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Alicia of All The Pretty Things (and the brains behind this lovely continuing hop :-D )  :  May ~ Seasons

Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers  :  June ~ SomethingOld/SomethingNew/SomethingBorrowed/SomethingBlue

Emma of A Polymer Penchant  :  July ~ not sure if Emma picked a theme but I would say, Beauty!

So here we are ~ the Grande Finale.  Seven months...a brutal and seemingly endless Winter into a fleeting Spring into Summer Fun.  Today, we celebrate Emma's offerings.  She made the polymer focal and sent other beads to go with it.  It started out very light and airy and summery, with pink silk cord.  But it seemed too light.  And when I asked my daughters what they thought, they didn't have much to say.  SNIP.  And almost instantly, I started weaving a necklace I used to teach.  This version has a base of grey lined triangle beads that are ladder stitched, with picot edging with seed beads on one side and picot edging with tear drops and seeds on the other side.  Then I took the pendant and beads and had them drop off the necklace.  

Fleur is in desperate need of clothes and has been going au natural lately.  This necklace seems right at home on her gorgeous body.  

Thank you Emma ~ this focal is GORgeous with its folds and colors.
And thank you Alicia for being the leader of this small group of lovely women.  Without your idea to pull us all together, this would not have happened.  
And thank you Monique, Therese, Sally, and Cynthia for the packages you sent.  We created some mighty fine work these past seven months, haven't we ladies?

And thank you for being here, reading my tiny blog.  I still love being here :-)  


AntiquityTravelers said...

Fleur looks fantastic au natural! (that just made me giggle) .... she does look fantastic sporting this gorgeous necklace! loving the double chain, and well loving that chain! perfect ending to our group hops! And yeah!! your schedule posting worked (and that still makes me laugh as our first conversation on the wonders of blogging technology). Hope you're having a wonderful summer my friend

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Christine,
Beautiful necklace I love how you have the pendant and the other components coming off of the beaded rope. I forgot to do a blog post, I knew there was something I was suppose to do yesterday, oh well I will get it posted when I get home from work.

Liz said...

Hi Christine!

The seed bead strand perfectly echoes the focal. It's like the focal unfolded itself into a beautiful rope. The way you separated the focal from it's sister seed bead strand is perfect. It adds an element of surprise, a strategic interruption of sorts between incarnations. I don't know if that even makes sense.

Enjoy the summer. SUMMER!


Empty nester at last said...

So pretty! I love your seed bead really goes with the pendant! Great Job

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Christine,Your necklace is beautiful. I like the pink and gray color combination.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Beautiful, delicate and totally says summer, Christine :) I love this design!

Karin Slaton said...

Great idea, Christine, to go with the muted, soft grays, and those drops add the perfect light and space to your design. Your neckstrap is the perfect counterpoint to that dramatic focal - very end-of-summer romantic.

windrock studio said...

It still looks summery with just the right amount of heft, not too floaty and that closure is purely gorgeous! Love it.

Amy S. said...

I love what you did with your components for this final challenge. This whole project was such a fantastic idea!! I like your funky bust too!!

Alicia said...

Fleur looks quite good :) I just love the necklace base, it's perfect for Emma's delicate pendant - a glorious celebration, indeed!
Thank you for being part of this group - it has been so much fun, I hope we'll be able to continue :)