Friday, March 1, 2013

A Time to Stitch 3 : Sign up March 1-7

Time to Stitch 3 is upon us.
Sign ups are March 1-7th.
The Hop is April 20th.
The Hostesses are the same, but what is asked of the Hoppers has changed just a tad.

For this Challenge:

You choose One (or more) of the following Flat Stitches ~ Brick, Ladder, or Square


One (or more) of the following Spiral Stitches ~ Russian Spiral, Cellini Spiral, or African Helix. 

So you will choose at least One Flat and One Spiral for the Hop.

Whatever you get done by Hop Day, please show us.  It is a challenge.  It doesn't need to be a finished project.  And there doesn't need to be any pressure.  It's just beads, after all :-D

Please sign up here or at Therese's blog.  And please be sure we have your name, blog address, and e-mail.

We really look forward to these Time to Stitch hops because you guys make it easy and fun to put together :-)  Thanks for that.  We appreciate it!

Below are suggested tutorials, but let us know if you find better ones. 

Brick, as well as Ladder (by Beads East) ~two in one.  Whew!

Square Stitch (by Potomac bead Company)

Now for the SSSpppiiirrraaalllsss  ( i am a little nervous...i know not of spirals) ~

Russian Spiral (by Off The Beaded Path)

 Cellini Spiral (by Jewelry Supply)

African Helix (by Auntie's Beads)



O wow, what a challenge! I'm going to look at the tutorials, at least to just ooh and aah! How impressive that you're already so good at these stitches :)

Maryanne said...

Sign me up, Christine! I love all the spirals, but not the flats so much. So, it will be good to have to do something in the flats!

AntiquityTravelers said...

You guys know I'm in!

Bobbie said...

*waving hand like a raving lunatic* Ooh, ooh, sign me up!! Good selections of stitches. Now to get started...

Unknown said...

I'm in.....I'm in! Some new stitches and spiral too so a good challenge. I will look at the tuts when I get a minute.

Bits of Learning said...

SIGN ME UP, MISS CHRISTINE!!!!! I am soooo excited for this hop and couldn't WAIT for you to post about it!!! Love me some spirals!!! Have to run to the bead box and start picking out my colors!!! I probably wouldn't have the right colors and have to buy more at the bead show! HAHAHAHA!
Sally Russick

Unknown said...

I will be trying as well. This will be the first time for me trying Brick, Ladder, or Square. I am a peyote girl :) I am going to try to convince my friend, Anita, to join me as well. So it is going to be fun!

Bead Soup Mix

Niky Sayers said...

Oh what a fab idea please count me in

Pepita said...

I'm in. It was so fun last time that I don't want to miss this one :-D
Well, I'll be really busy blogging on April 20, this is already the third challenge ... love it!!!

Introverted Art said...

wow these look like some ambitious stitches ;-)

kimmykats said...

oh my oh my sign me up!!

Karin Slaton said...

So glad I saw this post, Christine. I've been traveling and just got home in time to sign up. I have never attempted a spiral stitch, and I think it's about time!

LoriF said...

Well, poot! Missed it. Someone PLEASE raise a flag next time!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever got an email! I think I signed up on FB with Teresa! LOL. I promise not to poop out, I've been thinking about this all day trying to think of something cool.