Friday, June 17, 2011

Golden Moments

I am a bit overwhelmed with jewelry that has to get done by Wednesday and some family matters I have to attend to by that day as family matters, but it starts out as work nonetheless. I am having an extremely difficult time focusing and feel scattered. Then there is the phone. Which won't stop ringing. I have tried to pinpoint the time in my life when when I went from joyously leaping for the phone to cringing when it rings (and it has nothing to do with the caller). I think it was around the birth of my second daughter. I am not a multitasker, so when I have to do more than one thing at a time, I get rattled. I always pull it together, always get the job done, always breath a sigh of great relief, always enjoy the after-moment. I let my head wander when I am stressed, to my happy always involves water. My go-to place is the cove on my parents lake. When I get my new camera, I will show you. I can never go in the cove without thinking I will see Kermit on a log, playing banjo. I am genuinely a tad disappointed when I don't see him. My other happy place has always been Colorado. It wasn't until last summer that I knew exactly where in Colorado. It only took me from when I was 3 years old to figure it out...I take my time :-) Creede, Mineral County, Colorado. Rio Grande winding through the region. Rich Dark Western History in the old mining area. Nothing but Beauty. The town has a fabulous Repertory Theatre, art galleries, a true treasure of a place. It is the only town in the whole county. A perfect place for someone who gets crippled by indecision. My other happy place. I go there often in my mind. I am drawing from it right now. I go back to this image in particular~the Bird Man, my Bug, and my Sunshine Girl, enjoying what the Rio has to offer before the rain comes. A warm, refreshing, cleansing rain.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
I understand what you are saying... when my world is out of whack... sitting on the beach,helps... I can get lost for hours and really regroup!
I have read several comments you have made about Colorado... I hope you get back there soon! I have never been, but our friend at Winrock studios sure has shown me some beautiful photo's. Hang in there!

Christine Altmiller said...

This is the Sunshine Girl using my mom's account. I like how Mama expresses her happy places. I love how Mama has make believe thoughts with Kermit.
-Sunshine Girl

windrock studio said...

Hey Christine, I like this image alot! and I totally agree with you about a ringing phone. I am not a phone person, don't have a cell and don't like talking for any length of time ... I'm weird, I know!
Keep visiting your happy places and just stay calm. Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

Anonymous said...

Fortunately research has shown that multitasking is not something people actually can do. They just think they can.

"Multitasking" is distracting and creates loss of focus and is thus highly ineffective as well as inefficient. I know. I sometimes think I can multitask.

So just schedule some phone free time. Turn it off and let it go to voicemail. Listen to them and return the voicecalls at your convenience.

Good luck!

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